Small business owners are always faced with tough business decisions centering about how to effectively market their company. Every business owner needs to understand the best ways to spend money on digital marketing to obtain a high level of return on investment (ROI). What most small business owners do not understand is that Small Business Digital Marketing Consultants are worth their weight in gold because they uncover digital lead generation revenue streams and outline to the business ownership where their marketing dollars should be spent to obtain the highest possible ROI so the business can grow and flourish.


Digital Marketing Consultants won’t have the learning curve that business owners will have in understanding marketing strategies


Business decisions will be based on data / web analytics, not gut-feelings


Digital Marketing Consultants will implement effective search engine marketing strategies based on their industry


Assess & implement implement digital programs to limit customer attrition


Dynamic call tracking can determine the source of each phone call


Website analytics will be used the foundation for every digital marketing decision made


Utilization of website analytics to understand trends and seasonality and what that means to revenue


Implement conversion goals on the website to determine which strategies are producing the qualified leads (and which ones are not)


Implement and manage a monthly email campaigns to prospects and current clients


Constant updating of the website with fresh and relevant content


Stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends


Implement and manage social media programs


Unbiased assessment of your product positioning within the marketplace


Research and report on competitors


Monitor your brand’s digital reputation & recommend ways to improve it


Implement Customer Loyalty & Referral Programs


Most small businesses don’t have the budget for a dedicated Marketing Director position. More importantly, small businesses don’t have the budget for marketing mistakes that don’t yield to quality leads. Budgets are tight. So many small business owners are left with attempting to handle digital marketing efforts on their own without fully understanding it’s nuances and challenges thus spending time and even more money on strategies that inevitably will fail.

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