The white label market is a staple of the advertising industry. White label agencies are often hired to do nearly everything in the digital marketing world from designing and developing websites to the copywriting and blogs for those websites. These white label agencies provide services known as “white label” advertising.

Let’s take a closer look at white label advertising, who is doing the work, and how you can benefit from white label advertising services.

White Label Advertising Needs.

You Get Paid, We Do The Work.

White Label – Defined

White label is the term used to describe anything that is produced by one company (or a conglomerate of companies) to be sold under another company’s brand. You likely use white label products all the time without knowing it. The signature label at your favorite grocery store? That’s a white label product, and probably the effort of multiple different suppliers to the main production company. Your favorite clothing line? A white label effort between a generic fabric supplier and a mass clothing manufacturer.

White label advertising follows the same concept. One company is hired to do advertising for their client. In today’s highly digital world that advertising likely consists of social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and content marketing like blogs or updated website copy. Website design and development are also common services that white label advertising companies offer.

The main advertising company (the one hired to do the work) will handle one or two of these services in-house and outsource the rest to either solo freelancers or a white label agency who specializes in all sorts of white label advertising services. All of these outsourced services are completed and sent to the main advertising agency who then brands it under the name of their client.

White Label Agencies

As the name might suggest, white label agencies are advertising agencies who specialize in creating white label advertising products. Most white label agencies offer website design and development services and the content needed for those websites as well as blog writing, social media marketing, and paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Hiring a white label advertising agency can be beneficial if your own agency doesn’t specialize in a particular area of advertising, or if you have an overflow of advertising work for your clients that you need help with.

Get an NDA

You will want your white label advertising partner to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to make sure that they never claim creative ownership of the white label advertising products they deliver. By signing an NDA, your white label advertising partner signs away any and all creative ownership rights to the work they complete for you. This means they can never publicly or privately claim to have created the work. This includes on social media and in their portfolio. White label advertising agencies operate on a strictly confidential basis so an NDA is part of their standard practice.

Need a White Label Advertising Partner?

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Need Some Help With Your White Label Advertising?

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