Conversion Pipeline Is Now Google Mobile Site Certified

Google Mobile Site Certified

Conversion Pipeline just recently passed the Google Mobile Site certification exam testing our knowledge on mobile website development. The Mobile Site exam was created to test the knowledge of basic and advanced mobile website concepts, including:

  • Importance of mobile website speed and user design
  • Learn how to improve mobile website speed
  • User experience and design principles for mobile websites
  • Advanced web technologies
Passing the Mobile exam illustrates that the company has demonstrated the ability to build and optimize high-quality websites, and allows the company to promote themselves as a Google accredited mobile site developer. 
Website load time is a major focus on this exam. Google has been pushing website owners to optimize their website to decrease load times.  The longer it takes for a website to load on a mobile device, the higher the attrition rate. The majority of mobile website visitors will leave a site if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load, yet the average load time for a mobile landing page is 20+ seconds. Mobile site speed will get increasingly more important with more users preferring to search via mobile device.
To learn more about how to optimize your website to decrease load times (and attrition), contact Conversion Pipeline at 877-877-0542.
Michael Delpierre