Almost all online marketing drives people back to your website.

That’s why it’s important to provide exactly what prospects need, right when they need it. Don’t lose a new customer because of a poorly designed website!

Our websites are designed to work seamlessly with your digital marketing efforts.

When a user encounters an online ad or search engine listing, the click into your website should provide a coherent message with a compelling call to action.

Checking out a website can be both the beginning and the end of a user’s journey. A stellar website provides visitors everything they are looking for along the way. For this reason, all of our web designs start with a business goal and work backward into a design.

We design our websites with the user and end goal in mind.

Our expert web design and development team uses the psychology of web design to create user and SEO friendly, high-converting websites. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce site, visuals that really wow website visitors, or something straightforward with a high conversion rate – our team of web developers can do it all.


Conversion Pipeline will design & develop a website that includes:


Web Design Features

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Homepage – Consists of a header, a top image, widget-box areas, main content area and footer.

It is important to provide a strong impact on users when they visit your home page. Typically, you have about 8-10 seconds to catch the interest of users when they first visit your website. We will work with you to choose a strong, impacting main top image and a Call-to-action (CTA) that encourages users to contact you.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Sub-page design – Sub-pages (interior pages), each consist of a header image, header text, side bar with quick links, body text area, header, and footer.

We will create an interior page and side bar layout that will remain consistent throughout the website.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Contact page design – Contact pages consist of basic information such as: business address, phone numbers, emails, hours of operation, contact forms, and a visual map to provide directions to your company’s location.

We will create a consistently branded contact page that is clear and concise. Having a successful contact page will ensure that users can easily contact you.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Blog page design – Blogs consist of landing pages that display all of your blogs and interior blog pages where the user can read individual blogs. All elements will be created with a layout that will be used for each blog post and branded consistently with the rest of the website.

Blog landing pages will consist of the following elements: Thumbnail area for each listed blog, blog titles, dates the blogs are posted, description areas, navigational arrows for users to cycle through previous blogs, and CTAs that link to the interior blog pages.

Interior blog pages will consist of the following elements: Header image, blog title, blog posted date, body text, and previous blogs quick link side bar.

Web Design Process

First, we will set up a kickoff meeting. During that meeting, we’ll review different websites, concepts, business objectives, and UX/UI features your team likes and doesn’t like to get an understanding of what your new website’s design will be. We’ll provide plenty of recommendations and our thoughts along the way too. After the meeting, we’ll have a really good idea of what you are looking for from a design standpoint.

Next, Conversion Pipeline will create a homepage and sub-page mock up design in Adobe Illustrator. If you like it – great! We’ll continue down that road. If you don’t like it, we’ll find elements you do like and build on those. We request this process only take 2 – 3 revisions, but we want to ensure you are happy with the result.

Then, development with begin in our test environment. The design will include two rounds of revisions. Meaning, we’ll build the website in our test environment adding text, images, contact forms, call to actions – everything you request in step 1 and 2. Once that is done, we’ll say “we’re ready for revision 1, please tell us what you want changed.” We’ll document those changes and when we’re done, we’re ready for revision 2.

Next, we’ll make revision 2 changes and then we’re ready for launch. After launch, we’ll thoroughly test all pages, contact forms, calls to action and ensure all SEO elements are properly implemented.

Our team of expert web designers work with you to make your vision a reality and our agile approach to web design allows us to stay on time and within budget. Contact us for a consultation for today.