Are your paid advertising (PPC) campaigns managed by a certified Google Premier Partner? Are your ads A/B split tested to determine key messaging points? Are you day parting throughout the week to determine the best cost per conversion? Are you shifting budget strategically throughout the month based on KPI you set? Are you tracking all contact forms and calls into your business based on source and medium? If you you answered no to any of these questions, give us a call for a free assessment.

The biggest question facing your campaign is why not?

Stop spending money on paid advertising campaigns that are not structured correctly, do not have the right conversion goals in place, and are not measuring the right KPI. Take control of your PPC advertising and make these campaigns work for you!

We Target Your Intended Audience

Conversion Pipeline specializes in cross channel paid ad management including google search, display, digital ad buying, social media, customer remarketing, lookalike, video and mobile platforms. We target platforms where your target audience is throughout the day, maximizing your advertising spend and achieving the highest level of cost per acquisition.

PPC Management: It’s About Transparency

We love pay per click (PPC) advertising because of the transparency and depth of data that it provides. Paid advertising campaigns are trackable from the ad click to website conversion. We are able to track phone calls by source & medium as well as analyze assisted conversions giving you the data, so you can make effective business decisions.

Every dollar is tracked and can be traced right back to the originating source impacting positively on your bottom line. We use click data to help us determine when, where, and how to spend your marketing budget throughout the month getting you more conversions and a healthier ROI.

Google Ads Certified and Beyond

Conversion Pipeline is a Premier Google Partner which means that we have multiple people managing campaigns cross-checking metrics to enhance your PPC campaign’s overall performance. All of our analysts are Google Ads Certified pay per click experts. But we don’t stop there. All of our analysts implement and manage campaigns on diverse paid advertising platforms like Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Linked-In, DoubleClick and other online platforms.

Pay Per Click Experts

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Search advertising is a great strategy for most businesses. Search advertising allows you to display an ad for your product or service to people who are searching for your product or service at that very moment. From search engine results pages to shopping ads for products, search ads are the best way to find your intended audience at the right time of their search.


Depending upon your ad budget, display advertising allows you to put your ads on any website you would like (within reason). Through research and analysis, our analysts will determine where, which, when, and what cost it will be to have targeted ads on specific websites.

Real Estate Advertising

Google Premier Partner

Conversion Pipeline is a Google Premier Partner which is a designation reserved for only a small percentage of all Google Partners. All Google Premier Partners must meet Google’s strict requirements in three main areas: Certification, Ad Spend, & Performance. Net Result: It takes us less time to implement and manage a profitable ad campaign for our clients.


These custom audiences are the perfect way to re-engage people who have already visited your website, signed up for your email list, or interacted with your brand. Remarketing ads have a higher conversion rate than cold ads and keep your brand in front of the user.

Customer Match

Customer Match enables an advertiser to target users with ads using the data they shared with you. You can target users by name, phone, email and address. You can target users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, YouTube, Search, Gmail and other platforms making it a very effective digital strategy in your overall marketing arsenal.


Video ads are becoming more and more popular as users become used to constant video stimulation from apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so you want to make sure that your brand has a video presence across multiple platforms. Short, sleekly-produced videos can capture attention, build brand awareness and convert viewers.


More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. We make sure your ads are showing up where people are spending their time – and that’s on their phones. Our PPC analysts know how to optimize ads so that users convert more, and the ad visuals are the most stunning.


Lookalike or “similar” audiences is a digital targeting strategy based on user data lists such as email and remarketing audiences that allows the advertiser to find similar users who match certain attributes of your best-performing audiences. Google, Facebook and other platforms use machine-learning algorithms to analyze a source audience to find shared member characteristics then finds new users with similar characteristics to target. The best way to see how valuable lookalikes audiences are is to split test them against your normal website traffic and view the different results.

Social Media

Paid social media marketing is the way of the future. However, the right strategy must be used on the right platforms — haphazard and spontaneous advertising will not yield the desired ROI. Just “boosting” a Facebook post is rarely enough to acquire new leads for your business. We have experience in choosing the right platform for the right goals and implementing the right strategy for each client. We advertise on all social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Learn more here about our social media marketing options.