Do you have a marketing strategy? If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, you’re wasting your money. Developing a coherent marketing strategy is key to your success. The challenge for many businesses is that having an expert marketer on staff is not always possible. That’s where Conversion Pipeline’s Marketing Strategy Consultants comes in. Our team of strategists can help you identify key marketing initiatives and how to go about executing a plan. Conversion Pipeline can help you organize your priorities into a marketing strategy that will propel your business to the next level.

Most small companies are unique, requiring an in-depth understanding of their operations in order to create the right marketing plan for them. But unfortunately many outside marketing experts take a “one size fits all” and a macro approach to their marketing consulting.

That’s not true for Conversion Pipeline.

Instead of just providing high-level marketing ‘theory,’ we outline micro-level details in our highly-acclaimed Marketing Roadmap…which (just like MapQuest or Google Maps) will provide you with insightful direction for all of your sales & marketing efforts, while also showing you—step-by-step–the benefits that your business will gain.

After taking the time to understand your business, your industry and your competition, we’ll customize a Marketing Roadmap specifically for your company’s needs. This Roadmap will provide the guidance needed for all of your strategic marketing plans.

Our 7-step marketing strategy process:


Marketing Strategy Consultant

Marketing Strategy Process


Marketing Assessment

We start your project by learning who you are and what you do. We ask questions, gather data about your business and assess your current and past marketing strategies. The more information we gather the easier it is to completely understand the DNA of your company or organization.

Marketing Analysis

After gathering data on your business, a top to bottom analysis will be done by our marketing team. This analysis is the cornerstone for your Marketing Roadmap. We will sort, prioritize and begin to understand the information we have collected on you, your employees and your business.

Marketing Strategy

Let the creative process begin! Upon analysis of the data gathered on your company & marketplace, our team begins to create your marketing strategy. These strategies will combine promotion, pricing, demographics, target markets, relationship management and explain how they’ll be achieved within a stated time frame. We’ll then promote your core values, ensure customer satisfaction, address areas of improvement and focus on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing Roadmap

This written document details the step-by-step process and necessary actions and resources needed to achieve your marketing objectives and revenue goals. Our Roadmaps are custom-designed specifically for your company and are: Clear. Our Roadmaps are an unambiguous statement of ‘exactly’ what is to be done. Focused. We focus on promoting your mission, building your brand and communicating the value of your company. Realistic. The goals and objectives will be aggressive and achievable.

Marketing Implementation

A brilliant marketing plan and concrete Roadmap are only as good as its implementation and execution. Speed to market is crucial and we will ensure each phase of the plan is quick and concise. Proper implementation will give your company the edge over your competitors.

Marketing Launch

Once it’s time to ‘message’ and promote your product or service to the world, Conversion Pipeline will kick the marketing machine into hyper-drive. We’ll ensure your launch is covered by in multiple locations online, media outlets and social networking sites. We’ll ensure that your press releases are professionally written, powerful and broadcast to your targeted demographic groups.

Marketing Evaluation

This is another way in which Conversion Pipeline is different from other marketing agencies. Upon execution and implementation of your Roadmap, we’ll provide continuous monitoring, measurement and support. Markets change and so do marketing programs, we regularly evaluate & analyze which strategies are exceeding expectations, and which need to be adjusted. We measure ROI on each implemented strategy to help determine program adjustments and ensure that your marketing budget is being used effectively.

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