Private equity marketing is a goal-oriented type of digital marketing that aims to help a private equity firm achieve its objectives. Goals can be closing more deals, raising more money, promoting, or image building. Your firm needs a continuous flow of new deals and relationships for survival. Acquiring a list of prospects and targeting them can bring new leads, which makes more deals. But just how do we achieve that that lofty goal?

A private equity firm is an industry about money and needs capital for success. And equally as important, relationships are the backbone. No companies to invest in, an empty portfolio. No investors and partners to give capital, no money. The basics to private equity marketing are networking and fundraising, but what if you could identify which investors or partners may be the best options and the most likely to donate capital to your firm? Once you discover who they are, you can focus on building relationships and partnerships.

Who is your Target Audience?

Understanding your target audience will help you personalize your ads and grab their attention. There are two target audiences that you will focus on; there are those that need funding and those who can provide it through investments.

You will want to have a strategy that includes identifying these types of businesses and creating a unique list, think start-ups or small struggling businesses. Helping these types of businesses and growing your portfolio drives even more business your way.

On the flip side, you will also want to target the audience that can give money to those start-ups and struggling businesses. You might work with both limited partners, those who provide actual capital and general partners, those that oversee the cashflow once it’s in place.

What do marketing tactics for a Private Equity firm look like?

Social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook for example, makes building relationships with clients and investors easier. Not to be underestimated is doing a deep dive on a potential investor’s website. Paying close attention to what investors and partners are saying online can give insight as to their interests, maybe they have just disclosed their latest investment.

A private equity firm must have a clean, crisp professional website, no bells and whistles. What is needed is an about section with your firm’s history, including a portfolio of companies that have now come into your firm, a blog section, and of course your firm’s social media links.

If a potential investor must scroll and scroll to find you, you’ve lost the business which is why you must show up in the top three in a Google Search, making SEO one of the most important marketing tactics that you use.

Content marketing and social media are a team here. Note that the content you produce can get reposted and spread across social media, consequently driving more traffic to your site. Be very aware of what your content is saying, good or bad, it can and will go viral. When you post shareable content others will want to share. Good publicity can get you seen online by investors!

Stay top of mind. At minimum, your firm should send out an email newsletter to go out to your portfolio companies, partners, and potential investors. Keep it short and to the point with valuable current information.

How Can We Help You?

Private equity marketing is a unique form of goal-oriented marketing meant for private equity and venture capital firms. Through measures like SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and website design, private equity firms can and will find new deals and partnerships for funding as well as new investments for their own portfolios. If you need help implementing a new digital marketing strategy, contact us. Let’s Talk.