Customer Spotlight: DogLeggs

This month we’re highlighting our long-time client DogLeggs. DogLeggs is dedicated to enhancing the quality of treatment and improving the lives of companion animals. Today, DogLeggs’ products are revolutionizing the companion pet industry by providing pet owners and veterinarians with innovative, effective, easy to use coverage and support solutions. The perfect alternative to many traditional bandaging methods.

From the beginning to this day, ALL DogLegg’s products are proudly made in the USA, using the highest quality materials and the greatest care in their fabrication, assuring each and every customer the best result for your pet.

Not only does DogLeggs sell a variety of high-quality products to help your dog’s mobility, they also have an abundance of resources and articles on their website to treat ailments and find safe, alternative solutions for your dog. 

DogLeggs partnered with Conversion Pipeline in 2016 to increase revenue by implementing digital marketing solutions.  Since then we’ve implemented an aggressive SEO and digital advertising campaigns including Google Search and Shopping.

When we first started our campaign, their website’s organic traffic averages a few thousand visits per month.  Since then their organic traffic has tripled and we’ve also been able to increase conversion and revenue per transaction. 

Our paid advertising management and search engine optimization efforts have resulted in not only an increase in overall traffic, but we’ve been able to quadruple their revenue and number of transactions; while reducing their bounce rate by over 20%. 

Conversion Pipeline loves working with the team at DogLeggs.  Not only are we helping a family owned, small business be successful, we’re helping dog owners who are searching online to improve their dog’s quality of life.  

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