Customer Spotlight: Macrene Actives

With strong core values and innovative products, Macrene Actives is a trendsetter in the cosmetics industry. If you are looking for sustainable skincare products that rejuvenate your appearance, Macrene Actives is perfect for you. 

As a brand that prides itself on being environmentally-friendly, Macrene Actives makes facial products from all-natural ingredients. At a farm in the Hudson Valley, Macrene Actives uses organic practices to grow ingredients and create chemical-free products. After ingredients are harvested and transformed into high quality beauty goods, employees seal them in recycled packaging. Macrene Actives’ production process is sustainable from start to finish. With vastly unique, natural product development, Macrene Actives stands out from competitors. 

Macrene Actives was founded by Dr. Macrene, an award-winning dermatologist. She has perfected the formula for skincare products that restore youthful glow. Dr. Macrene is an experienced expert. She has worked with high profile beauty clients and has published her research in academic journals. Having earned awards from Elle, NewBeauty, Town & Country, and many more, she is well-established in her field. She strives to increase her customers’ confidence so that they feel beautiful on the inside and the outside. 

If you are interested in trying new skincare products for a special event or just for everyday looks, Macrene Actives has it all. A variety of facial products from lip filler to concealer and everything in between can be found at store locations in New York, California, and Connecticut. For convenience, products can be shipped directly to your home as well. 

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Michael Delpierre