Customer Spotlight: UltraSlide Slideboards

UltraSlide slideboards have been helping athletes in many sports for decades. Their specialized slideboard exercise equipment has been imitated, but never matched. Their top-of-the-line UltraSlide slideboards allow users to challenge themselves, develop muscle, and train in a new way. You will be shocked at the improvements you’ll see after just a few training sessions.

They have developed popular variations of their UltraSlide slideboards to suit different users and their goals. From small personal boards to their patent-pending Octagon board, they offer plenty of slideboard exercise equipment options.

When you purchase an UltraSlide, you are not only receiving a highly-effective, top-quality exercise device, but one that is proudly, ethically, and sustainably made in the USA. It’s a product you’ll love using and feel great about owning.

Professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches rely on the UltraSlide for lateral training, agility, and core stabilizing workouts. Sports Medicine professionals depend on UltraSlide for various rehabilitations, most notably ACL. Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts have found the UltraSlide to be not only a fun and challenging lower-body workout, but a highly-effective functional training tool.

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Michael Delpierre