How To Use Google Grants For Nonprofit Organizations

Google Grants

If your nonprofit organization is a 501c3, you might qualify to run search ads on Google Search results with $10,000 of in-kind advertising every month.

Conversion Pipeline can tell non-profits how to use, maintain and optimize their Google Grants to grow their organization. View the details below to determine if you qualify, or call us at 877-877-0542 and we will help you find out.

Conversion Pipeline will manage your monthly ad spend to ensure your online presence grows and your goals are reached.

Our Google AdWords Certified paid advertising specialists will manage all aspects of your Google Grants program. From account creation, approval, keyword selection, ad creation and ongoing management, we will oversee the entire process and provide monthly reporting on your campaign’s progress.

Google Grants Program Overview

Nonprofit organizations can apply for the grant as long as they fall within the organization eligibility requirements outlined by Google.

  • Eligible 501(c)(3) status
  • A daily budget of $329 ($10,000 per month)
  • Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) of $2.00
  • Keyword-targeted campaigns (Display & Retargeting not included)
  • Text ads on Google search result pages

Benefits of Google Grants Program

  • Reach donors when they’re searching on Google
  • Raise the brand awareness of your non-profit
  • Promote & track online donations
  • Reach volunteers
  • Promote your non-profit’s website on Google

The following organizations are not eligible for Google Grants:

  • Governmental entities & organizations
  • Hospitals & medical groups
  • Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions & universities.

Since most non-profit organizations lack the time, resources, & expertise to fully take advantage of this incredible opportunity offered by Google, Conversion Pipeline offers a discounted monthly management program for the Google Grants advertising platform.

As an Ad Grants Advertiser, you will not charged for the clicks you accrue through your AdWords account (up to $120,000 in advertising per year). The only fee you will be assessed will be the ongoing management fee to manage & optimize your Google Grants campaign. Contact us today to learn how to claim your free Google Grant money and use it wisely.

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