Google Marketing Live 2019: What you need to know

Google unveiled several new and exciting products that will impact the way companies, especially in retail, advertise on mobile platforms at its Google Marketing Live event. Among the new products are Discover Ads, Gallery Ads, and an extension of Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads. These products are geared towards mobile platforms and rely heavily on visuals along with engagement.

In addition to some new products for advertisers, Google has also introduced updates to their current products and additions that will help users run more targeted campaigns.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads will be introduced later this year. It will use the “power of intent” to produce the most relevant search results based on the consumers previous searches and online activity. Discovery Ads will require the creation of a Discovery campaign that uses several images and ad copy that Google will then combine and optimize with machine learning.

Discovery ads are to be displayed at the top of Google’s mobile webpages (Discover Feed), mobile YouTube, and Gmail.

Gallery Ads

Google will be introducing its Gallery Ads later this year as well. These ads will be highly visual, often having at least 4+ images for one ad. The reason behind the required 4 images is that Google plans to charge based on a cost per swipe basis. When a user swipes past three images Google will start charging the advertiser, not just when a user clicks a link.

These ads are set to appear at the top of mobile search results pages.

Showcase Shopping

This feature is getting an update that will extend to Google images. Consumers will be able to see a product most relevant to their search and can click on it to reveal smaller images of other products offered by that brand. This can be a great tool for retailers to better target shoppers.

Retailers will be able to gain more foot traffic by providing easy access to store information and location underneath their featured product.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Google will be enabling advertisers more control over their KPIs at the campaign level. This gives advertisers the ability to tweak their ad bidding, based on conversion goals, to obtain a better ROI.

Much of what Google has unravelled at Google Marketing Live can be considered part of its attempt at competing with Amazon. Google’s goal is to help drive consumers to local retailers’ online stores and physical locations using its search engine as a shopping platform.

Google will be implementing many of its changes within the next year and companies, especially retailers, should be aware of what these changes mean and where to spend advertising dollars.

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