How Google Ranks Google Local Service Ads

How Google Ranks Google Local Service Ads

Google ranks Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) based on an auction system, where the highest-ranked ads appear first in search results. This auction process considers both bid amount and overall profile quality in the ranking algorithm. 

Some of the factors influencing the auction include:

  • Advertiser verification status and badges of trust like Google Screened or Google Guaranteed. Advertiser profiles with these badges will rank higher.
  • Ad bid, representing the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay for a lead.
  • Likelihood of the ad resulting in a lead, based on factors such as responsiveness to customer inquiries, answered calls, relevancy, time of search, and location.
  • Relevance of the services offered, advertiser bio, and proximity to the potential customer.
  • Contact options available to potential customers, such as enabling messaging, can increase lead likelihood.
  • Profile quality, including the number of reviews, average response time, and other business information, can influence ranking and leads.
  • Google’s optimization for the overall health and diversity of the Local Services Ads ecosystem.

Google continuously experiments to enhance user experience and optimize the effectiveness of Local Services Ads.

Michael Delpierre