How to Market New Construction Homes

Today, most potential home buyers search online before they even step foot on a property. When people finally decide to visit a home, you want to make sure it’s yours they’re touring. To optimize your leads and dominate your market, you have to take your online presence seriously. Online searches on both mobile and desktop devices are increasing every year. Expanding your brand awareness online will put you ahead of your competitors. Follow these five steps to make sure that your new home is off the market in no time. 

1. Use Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most important parts of real estate marketing. People want the product or service that is closest to them. The best way to make sure that your new home is visible to people in your target location is to ensure that you are easy to find online. Today, most home-searchers turn to the search bar for help before they turn to anyone else. “Near me” local searches on mobile devices are conducted 34 times more frequently than they were in 2011. Here are some highly effective local SEO strategies:

Google My Business
Google My Business is the best tool to use to ensure that you appear in the top search results for potential buyers in your target area. This tool allows you to control your Google presence, specifically the search and map aspects.

Geo-targeted keywords
Include the location of your business on your website in your blog posts, title tags, and more. “Washington DC” in the phrase “Washington DC Custom Home Builders” is an example of geo-targeted keywords.

Get backlinks from local websites
Directories are the perfect solution. Wherever your business is located, there are likely online directories with business listings in the area. Input your business information (address, phone number, etc…) into these directories to get backlinks from websites in your locale. Make sure to add the same information on your website if you haven’t already.

Producing local content tailored to your target area
Use social media and blog posts to highlight nearby events and community happenings. Publishing content that is relevant to potential customers in a specific place will grasp their attention.

2. Content Marketing

What good is a paid ad if a user clicks on it, then lands on a page with unrelated content? 

Creating relevant, original, high-quality content is crucial to the success of your business’s online marketing. Relate your content to your prospective buyers, and provide relevant and helpful information. 

In addition to providing prospective buyers with the answers they need, producing the best possible content will improve your SEO rankings. Search engines increase rankings to reward websites who publish original, high-quality content. Original content means that you created it completely individually, and have published it in one place only. High-quality means that any sources you cite or backlinks you include are reliable. High SEO rankings will prove your credibility and help you establish a strong reputation in your industry. Some great ways to start building content for your business include:

Blog posts
Blogs posts act as an informative and trustworthy resource for consumers

Emails are a guaranteed way to ensure that your brand gets in front of the consumer’s eyes

Infographics are easily shareable and make your services more understandable

Whitepapers will drastically improve your brand reputation

3. Keep Your Social Media Up-to-Date

Used properly, social media can be immensely beneficial for new home marketing. Some goals home builders can achieve using social media include:

  • Finding potential buyers
  • Enabling potential buyers to ask questions and build relationships
  • Scheduling visits, appointments, and more

While posting the right content to achieve these goals is important, it’s not enough. It is equally as important to stay active on social media. Staying active means: 

  • Responding to comments in a timely manner
  • Posting regularly on multiple platforms
  • Asking your followers what they want to see

Give your audience what they want to see, and followers will engage and grow with you. Social media is an easy and impactful marketing game changer; take advantage of it!

4. Show, Don’t Tell – Use Video

Online, people have a short attention span. Instead of reading, most people prefer to watch. Capture potential buyers’ attention visually by:

  • Providing a virtual tour
  • Sharing videos and photos to market your work
  • Providing construction updates with before and after photos and videos
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer to find the angles and lighting that will make your home look its best

Use technology to your advantage and help potential buyers visualize themselves in your new home. 

5. Make Your Posts Relatable

Buyers will only purchase a new home if they feel connected to it. Digital marketing can make this connection a reality. Use your social media or blog to showcase local events, businesses, and general news. Highlight the benefits of the home’s neighborhood. Examples include news relating to:

  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Sports
  • Policy 

Before your next post, put yourself in the buyers’ shoes; if you were looking to buy in this area, what would you most want to know about it? 

In addition to establishing a connection, relatable posts are important because the more someone resonates with a post, the more likely they are to click on it. Producing relevant content will also result in visitors staying on your site longer. Longer web visits and more clicks is the perfect combination for improving your SEO and overall online presence.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you sell more homes, we would love to discuss your goals. Contact us today!