Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People rely on technology more than ever before. Most people will not contact a business without visiting their website first. However, many law firms struggle to ensure prospective clients can find their website. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using special techniques to ensure a business comes up in the first few pages of search engine results. The higher a business ranks in the search engine, the more likely people are to find that business.

The legal industry is extremely competitive. This creates additional challenges for law firms competing for top placement on Google and other popular search engines. Most law firms invest heavily in their website and SEO. It’s for this very reason that law firms need to work with an experienced law firm digital marketing company. The right marketing company knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to law firm SEO.

Strategic Planning

An effective SEO plan begins with a thorough evaluation of your business. When you work with Conversion Pipeline, we work directly with you to learn all we can about your law firm and your goals. Our team analyzes your website’s performance to locate areas that could benefit from improvement. We compare your website and search engine results with your competition to determine where you stand and areas you can leverage. We conduct keyword research to figure out what prospective clients are searching for when they look for a lawyer.

Once we’ve completed a full evaluation, we create a strategic plan which includes website optimization, content production, diverse link building strategies, and local SEO.

Optimized Law Firm Websites

Effective SEO begins with quality law firm website design. A properly optimized website increases the chance of improved search engine ranking. In contrast, an older, outdated website can actually hurt your ranking in the search engines. In fact, you might not even place in the search engines at all.

Google and other search engines search websites regularly looking for fresh content. They use special robots to scan web content for spelling and grammatical errors. These robots check to see if content is relevant to the services you offer. Google uses complex algorithms to conduct a full analysis of your website. This helps them decide where to place your website when people search for the services you offer. The more relevant, well-written content your website contains, the better your odds of coming up on top.

Google makes changes and advancements all the time. This helps ensure the most relevant results to online searches. Law firms that wish to improve search engine ranking should enlist the help of a qualified digital marketing firm. An experienced law firm marketing company knows how to properly design and optimize a website to improve local and organic search engine results. This is crucial to the continued success of your law firm.

Mobile readiness is another factor contributing to the success of a law firm’s website. With more and more people viewing websites on their phones, it’s more important than ever that law firm websites are optimized for mobile.

Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on improving search engine results for local customers. This is very different from organic SEO, which typically revolves around a law firm’s website. The increase of voice command searches and local searches such as “law firm by me”, has made local SEO an essential component in a law firm’s success. When searchers use the term “by me”, the search engines offer up the most relevant local results.

Google My Business is a business’ profile on Google. It is crucial to local SEO success. Profiles might contain the name, phone number, address, and reviews of a law firm. Once claimed, law firms can submit general information such as services offered, contact details, and opening times. However, most of what’s included is generated by consumers including reviews, Q&A, and attributes.

It’s important to ensure that your law firm’s GMB profile is up-to-date and accurate. This increases your chance of appearing in Google’s local pack. This significantly increases your chance of searchers finding your law firm online.

Social Page Optimization

As more people use social media to locate and learn about businesses, Google places more emphasis on a website’s social media visibility. Conversion Pipeline can help ensure that social pages are properly optimized. We update social pages regularly with fresh, relevant content, keywords, and imagery to increase social signals back to your website. 

Holistic Approach

Conversion Pipeline offers much more than just basic SEO and website optimization. We take a holistic approach to optimizing your entire web presence. Our SEO strategy includes executing robust link building strategies, directory submissions, content creation, and distribution. In addition to these services, we also offer landing page creation and optimization, plug-in updates, and picture and text additions.  

Monitoring and Support

Through years of experience, our team has learned that SEO strategies require constant monitoring. Strategies must evolve with algorithm changes and attention paid to changing results. We use special software to monitor law firm website health and traffic. This helps our team discover which strategies work and which do not. 

We provide monthly calls with our analysts to discuss SEO performance. During these calls, our analysts go over important Google analytics data including new website visits, bounce rates, pages indexed, visit locations, and more. We provide call tracking and conversion tracking reports. 

Our analysts are trained professionals, able to provide advice and counseling on a number of SEO strategies. These experts work with you to figure out ways to improve search engine ranking in both local and organic searches. 

SEO Training

SEO becomes more effective when everyone’s involved. Conversion Pipeline offers SEO training classes for law firms looking to enhance their SEO campaign. Our training classes teach law firm employees how SEO works and the steps they can take to execute and enhance their SEO program. 

Conversion Pipeline has years of experience helping law firms create and execute effective SEO strategies. Please contact us to learn how we can help your law firm succeed.