Why You Need to Be Using Google’s Search Trends Tool

Companies hire us to stay on top of search trends for their industry. One tool that we use is Google Trends to help us determine how users are searching for their product or service online. Since everyone conducts online searches differently (and use different browsers), it is important to understand what keywords users are putting into the search tool to get the results they want.

To show you how our search trends research works, we have documented some basic searches for our own industry (digital marketing). This demonstrates how users search habits change and evolve over the course of time.

Search Term: Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

For the last 5 years, you can see a significant increase in online searches for this term. In this case, it comes as no surprise that more businesses are adjusting their budgets to focus on more digital marketing related strategies.

Search Term: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

“Digital Marketing” by itself follows the same trajectory line as “Digital Marketing Agency” with increased demand over the past 5 years.

Search Term: Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency

There was a time in the not too distant past when companies who focused on marketing and advertising were called “Advertising Agencies” by default. As you can see, the search trend for this company classification has seen a downward trajectory. Companies are opting for Digital Marketing Agencies vs. Advertising Agencies. A changing of the guard from traditional advertising to digital marketing solutions.

Search Term: Online Marketing

It was always our understanding that people were using “Digital Marketing” and “Online Marketing” interchangeably , this graph shows that assumption is incorrect. Apart from one anomaly period back in 2012, there has been a steady yet low volume for this keyword phrase. This tells us that we should focus on digital marketing solutions vs. online marketing solutions in our keyword targeting.

Search Term: TV Advertising

TV Advertising

With such a large increase in “Digital Marketing” related keywords, the volume has to come from another marketing strategy. One of the victims is tv advertising. Steady yet methodical decline in tv advertising related searches.

Search Term: Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is another traditional advertising strategy that has seen a decline in search volume.

Search Term: Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising, once the 500 lb advertising gorilla, has been demoted. No shock in the decline in search volume as well. Traditional advertising strategies all have declined while digital marketing related searches have advanced.

Search Term: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

When we first pulled the graph for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we were somewhat perplexed. How could this be showing a downward trend? One of Digital Marketing’s foundation blocks is SEO, so if Digital Marketing is showing an increase, then Search Engine Optimization should also be showing an increase – right? Not necessarily. This tells us that users want a more broad approach toward marketing and advertising instead of the one silver bullet approach.

Search Term: SEO

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization and SEO are the same search terms right? Incorrect! In Google’s eyes, these terms are synonymous, but from a search trend standpoint, they are different. While users used to spell out search engine optimization, they are opting for SEO. The trend has seen a slight decline except for he last 6 months which the search term SEO has spiked.

Search Term: Remarketing



Remarketing (Retargeting) is a digital marketing strategy that has definitely taken off in recent years, and it shows in the search trends report. As more companies are implementing digital marketing solutions, they are using remarketing as a way to get more qualified traffic to their website. Every website should be using remarketing to get users to convert into leads.

Search Term: Content Marketing

Content Marketing

If you are in the Digital Marketing field, you know about Content Marketing and it’s importance. 5 years ago, it was not that common of a search phrase, as you can see from the graph above, more users are trying to find out about what Content Marketing is.

Every company should conduct research to see what users are searching for online. They can better align their service and products with users search patterns which will make their website rank better (and get more leads). If you have questions about using Google Trends, feel free to reach out to a Conversion Pipeline member. We also offer free digital marketing analysis, contact us today to learn more!


Michael Delpierre