New Facebook Page Template For Restaurants & Cafes

If you have a restaurant or cafe Facebook business page, chances are, things are going to look very different soon. Facebook just announced that on August 18, 2017, it will be rolling out a new Facebook business template for Restaurants and Cafes that will make it easier for customers to find their business and stay connected with them.

Facebook Notification

Facebook is making changes to help you find new customers and stay connected. We’ve developed a new template for restaurants and cafes with buttons and tabs that we think will be successful for Pages like yours.
The template is designed to showcase your most important content and make it easier for people to take action, like placing an order. The new template helps people find your location, too, and emphasizes tabs for photos, reviews, your menu and more.
There’s nothing you need to do now. You’ll see this change applied on 08/18/2017. You can always choose another template and make more changes later in Settings.

Order Online Through Facebook

The biggest benefit to restaurants and cafes will be the ability for a customer to place an online order through Facebook. Imagine sitting at your desk at lunch time looking through Facebook and seeing an ad from your favorite restaurant around the corner. You click on the restaurant ad and you purchase the food item through Facebook without ever leaving the comfort of your chair. Talk about user friendly. This feature could be rolled out in phases so don’t hold your breath for this feature to be ready by the 18th launch.

Opt-In Or-Opt Out?

Unlike the Apple iTunes U2 music auto-download backlash, Facebook is giving their customers an option to opt-out of this new template. The questions why? Facebook has done a great job implementing features for their advertisers and business customers that raise their online visibility and allows them to utilize their framework to promote their business and to sell directly through their platform. This is one of the reasons why Facebook paid advertising is getting marketshare from Google AdWords.

Still have questions about the new Facebook business template for restaurants and cafes? No problem, contact us at 877-877-0542 and we can get you in contact with one of our Facebook advertising specialists. Ir just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you momentarily.


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