Conversion Pipeline, Northern Virginia’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency, Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment

Northern VA Marketing Agency Bitcoin

Conversion Pipeline has just announced that they will now accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other altcoins as a form of payment for their web design, SEO and digital marketing services.

Conversion Pipeline made the decision to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as a preferred payment method after discussions with several clients. As leaders in the digital space and innovation, it only made sense for Conversion Pipeline to accept digital currency. Conversion Pipeline is one of the first digital marketing companies in the DC area to accept this secure payment solution.

Michael Delpierre, CEO of Conversion Pipeline, stated, “We believe it is important to embrace new cutting-edge technology like blockchain and join the digital currency revolution. With Bitcoin and other digital currencies, we gain peace of mind knowing that we are not storing client payment information. Accepting cryptocurrency payments allows us to eliminate expensive credit card merchant fees and enable transactions to happen faster.”

Unlike other payment methods, cryptocurrencies are digital and encrypted, which helps protect both businesses and consumers from theft and fraud. Transactions rely on cutting-edge encryption technology to make each transaction unique and secure. Absolutely no personal information is collected or stored and transactions do not rely on a central bank. Since personal information is not required to make a payment, transactions take only a few seconds to complete. With speed and security at the forefront, cryptocurrencies empower both consumers and the businesses that serve them.

Conversion Pipeline is extremely pleased with the additional security provided by digital currency. Michael added, “our client’s security is extremely important to us. By allowing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment options, we can ensure the safety of our client’s payment information.”

The number of businesses accepting digital currencies is expected to grow over the next few years with virtual currencies quickly gaining acceptance around the world. Conversion Pipeline is excited to be on the cutting-edge of this emerging technology.

About Conversion Pipeline: Conversion Pipeline is a leading Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses maximize their online presence. Through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and online advertising solutions, Conversion Pipeline is able to effectively elevate brand awareness, increase conversions and drive new revenue growth for their clients.

Michael Delpierre