Outsource Digital Marketing vs. In-House

Outsource Digital Marketing vs. In-House

Digital marketing is a crucial part of growing a business. Companies must ultimately decide between outsourcing their digital marketing and growing in-house. There are a number of benefits to outsourcing to an experienced Nashville marketing agency vs. handling your digital marketing yourself.

Why Outsource Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of reasons to outsource. But let’s look at some of the main ones:

Digital marketing is just one of the services companies choose to outsource. Many small to midsize businesses also use outsourcing to find remote talent for activities like customer service, bookkeeping, administrative tasks, and much more.

These are all completely different services, but the reason for outsourcing is the same: it allows the company to avoid hiring employees, which is a time-consuming, expensive process. In addition, it means current employees can stay working on core business activities.(Myva360)


Finding a suitable candidate to handle in-house marketing can cost a considerable amount of time and resources. There are often costs involved with finding resumes on sites like Indeed and Zip Recruiter. It can take a lot of time to search through resumes and interview multiple candidates. After hiring, it can take up to one month to integrate and train a new employee.

When you work with digital marketing agencies, it typically takes just two meetings to discover if we are the right fit. There is absolutely no cost involved with the interviewing process, and we provide a free analysis of your marketing strategy. When you work with us, it only takes one to two weeks for digital marketing agencies to familiarize ourselves with your business.


When hiring in-house, you run the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. Employees might not have the right industry and marketing experience to handle your digital marketing.

We are digital marketing veterans who have established and grown successful marketing programs for over 200 companies across dozens of industries. Whether it’s selecting the right pay-per-click advertising plan or it’s increasing your website’s search engine optimization, we know how to digitally market your business successfully.

Consolidate Marketing Efforts

When growing your business in-house, it might be necessary to hire multiple employees to complete different tasks. Although it can be possible to find one employee to handle different aspects of your marketing program, their strengths and weaknesses will vary. 

Small and midsize businesses that do hire in-house marketers often find they’re only able to afford one employee. If this employee takes a sick day or vacation, marketing goes on pause. Whereas there are some business activities that you can put on hold, digital marketing is not one of them. By outsourcing, if any team member is unable to work for any reason, the agency always has someone else who can take over the work. (Myva360)

We make it easy to consolidate your digital marketing efforts. We have SEO, web development, social media, paid advertisement management, content writers and UX pros all under one roof.

Knowledge of Your Business

In order for your marketing efforts to be successful, the people handling your marketing need to know your business. The effectiveness of your in-house marketing depends heavily on how your employees are acclimated.

When you work with digital marketing agencies, our dedicated marketing analysts take the time and effort necessary to get to know your business. They work diligently to identify your company’s identity, structure, value prop, market and direct competition.


In-house marketing professionals should be able to solve problems, research relevant vendors and grow a network of connections. This can be difficult without the proper training and expertise.

We are Google Premier Partners and we have dedicated reps and network connections with a number of essential online sources.

Changing Direction

It can be difficult to change direction when you are handling your marketing in-house. There isn’t much flexibility with employee bandwidth and no one wants to be responsible for firing an ineffective employee. It can also be difficult and costly to keep a good employee away from the competition.

Contracts don’t last forever. When you work with us, your contract can be amended at any time. Contracts can be scaled up or down and they are easy to end. This makes it possible to change direction when necessary.

Digital Marketing Cost

There are numerous financial benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing. First of all, outsourcing your digital marketing saves you time. Instead of spending weeks trying to learn how to successfully run a pay per click or search engine optimization campaign (which isn’t easy), you could be focussing on what you’re an expert on for your business. Trying to learn a whole new industry quickly won’t give you the results you want and will end up losing you money. So, outsourcing your marketing to a business that specializes in it will save you time and money. 

Outsourcing your digital marketing will also save you money from hiring. The average salary for a  Digital Marketing Manager is $69,786 according to payscale.com Outsourcing with digital marketing agencies can cost as little as $15K per year. Outsourcing at the bare minimum saves you $54,000 annually and instead of having one marketing manager working in-house, you could have an entire team of marketing experts working for you at a fraction of the cost. If outsourcing your business’s marketing take a look at our Digital Marketing Services page to learn more.

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