Annual Report on Key Client Metrics from Google Analytics

Regional Security Company Challenge

Conversion Pipeline helped a regional security provider increase their organic traffic by 173% and their Google AdWords conversion rate by 75%. A revamped digital marketing strategy along with website optimization, paid advertising, and enhanced conversion tracking helped the client achieve their best performing year in company history. The company saw so much growth that they were able to fund an entire new division of the company based singularly on video security.


A Washington, DC area security provider for government, private businesses and events was having difficulty marketing themselves digitally among an extremely crowded and competitive market.

They were unable to differentiate themselves from the competition, rank well organically against deep-pocketed competitors, or drive enough traffic via paid ads to increase qualified inbound leads.

Goals and Strategy

Conversion Pipeline’s first step was to optimize their website for better user experience, yielding higher conversions with new landing pages optimized for search and paid advertising campaigns. Conversion Pipeline then established conversion goals site wide consisting of custom contact forms for security inquiries and dynamic call tracking, allowing for the client to truly measure their return on advertising spend.

Conversion Pipeline then launched new landing pages that were optimized for on and off page SEO as well as Google AdWords Quality Score. The infrastructure was now in place to implement, measure and evaluate outbound digital marketing. A Google AdWords campaign was launched to drive targeted traffic to these landing pages.

ROI and Results

Based on transparent analytics and accurate conversion goal tracking, Conversion Pipeline decided to split the paid search campaign into one campaign for security details and another campaign for video security, each with a unique landing page and
user path.

The results began to show themselves quickly, but a year over year analysis was extremely telling in several key measures. Overall site visits grew by 35%, organic site traffic grew by 114%, and pay-per-click conversion rate saw a 75% lift.

The client had consecutive best-ever quarters for Q1 and Q2 in 2018, and was able to launch a full-service video guard division thanks to both the increased revenue, and analytical support from Conversion Pipeline that showed strong demand for these services based on site behavior in the prior year.

Sample Security Reports for October 2017 – September 2018