Technology changes every day. While some advances are better than others, the Internet has made it possible for dental practices to connect with both existing and potential patients in new and meaningful ways. Dental practices without a modern and benefit-rich website are losing patients and money. As the number of connected patients continues to grow, these businesses will likely find it difficult to attract enough patients to stay afloat.

Dental practices face many challenges when attempting to attract new patients. Dental patients often have preconceived notions about dentists. Unfortunately, these aren’t always positive. It’s important that dentists take care when designing their website. A properly designed dental website can build trust and make patients feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist.

Dental practices can benefit from working with a dental website design agency like Conversion Pipeline. Our team of dental patient marketing and design professionals has years of experience working with dental practices to provide web design, paid advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

There are numerous factors to consider when building a quality dental practice website. Through years of experience, we can help your dental practice learn what works and what doesn’t.

Making Patients Comfortable

A professional dental website designer uses images, text, and content to make patients feel at ease. This is important as people are often nervous about visiting the dentist.

When creating your website, it’s important to put adequate consideration into the colors you use. Different colors can affect people in different ways. For example, using green in logos or web design can make people believe a business is successful, capable, and intelligent. Purple makes people think of sophistication. This color is ideal for dental practices offering high-end services like cosmetic dentistry.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your website is a complicated process. While you want to give potential patients the right impression of your business, using too much color can make a website appear messy.

A professional dental website designer can help you determine the best colors for your dental website.

Clean Website Design

Most people decide if they will stay on a website within three seconds. This doesn’t provide a lot of time to make a good impression. It’s important that patients can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly, with very little effort. A clean website design provides just the right amount of color, images, and information without overdoing it.

Adding too much content and/or images to your website does more harm than good. A cluttered website makes it impossible to display your message clearly. Your visitors likely won’t take the time to dig through the pages of your website looking for what they need.

Include Important Details

While it’s important not to clutter your website, you need to make sure that it answers all of your visitor’s questions. When creating your website you need to think about the types of questions new patients might ask. It might be helpful to create a list of common questions asked when patients call or email your practice.

Your dental website should include:

You might need to add more information based on the types of questions you anticipate. It’s also a good idea to include an “About Us” page featuring the reasons why potential patients should choose your practice. Include pictures and information about your staff. Seeing pictures of the dentist prior to an appointment can make patients feel more comfortable.

While it’s important to include all of this information on your website, make sure you don’t put it all on the home page. This is one of the fastest ways to lose visitors to your website.


As mentioned above, it’s important that visitors can quickly find what they need. It’s not likely that they’ll stick around if it takes too long to find the answer to their question. Pay close attention to the organization of your website. Use an intuitive navigation bar or dropdown menu to organize your content.

Include Patient Testimonials

Even if you have the most perfectly worded website, your future patients are more likely to trust the opinion of others. Including patient testimonials on your website shows your potential clients how others feel about your practice. This can improve the likelihood of attracting new patients. One way to collect these testimonials is to send out an email after each dental appointment asking if the patient would like to provide a review. Just make sure you ask permission before posting their review on your website.


When done right, search engine optimization makes your website rank well in the search engines. This is important if you want people to find your website. When optimizing a dental practice website, you need to focus on your local audience. Research keywords unique to your practice and your audience. Include city and/or state names and specialties in your keywords. For example, an Northern Virginia-based dental practice offering teeth whitening might aim for “NoVa teeth whitening dentist”.

An experienced marketing agency like Conversion Pipeline can help you create and optimize your dental practice website. Working with a professional dental website designer provides you with knowledge gained from years of experience.

Your website provides a first impression of your dental practice. You’ll want to make sure it’s a good one. Working with Conversion Pipeline helps ensure your website provides the right message to the right audience.

Conversion Pipeline has years of website design experience. We work directly with each of our dental clients to analyze their needs and develop a customized design and marketing plan. Our specialties include dental web design, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, pay per click ad campaigns, and search engine optimization. We employ a full team of expert developers and web designers.

Please contact us to learn how we can help your dental practice attract new patients.

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