Conversion Pipeline, LLC is a veteran owned Digital Marketing firm helping Pittsburgh area businesses generate revenue through online advertising strategies. We are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Advertising, Web Site Design and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) solutions that elevate brand awareness and increase conversion ratios.

Conversion Pipeline will drive quality traffic to your website, advertise your business online and promote your brand in strategic locations on the Internet. Conversion Pipeline has successfully implemented SEO and PPC campaigns for a diverse clientele in multiple industries. Whether you are a local roofer, medical, financial, or real estate professional we can help with your online advertising and marketing needs.

SEO Audit & On Page Optimization

Using data provided from third-party software and analytics, Conversion Pipeline will perform an SEO audit and on-page optimization. We will:

Monthly SEO Service

It’s all about relevance and accuracy with search engines now. With information collected about a user’s access location and browsing history, search engines are able to serve localized search results, making them more relevant and customized for the individual. If you live in Pittsburgh, PA and search for “lawyer,” Google will present a listing of local litigators, and will suppress listings for lawyers outside of that area. Conversion Pipeline will ensure that your website is properly optimized to appear in relevant searches.  Our monthly activities include:

Monthly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Service

(Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing/Yahoo!)

A large portion of pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns fail because organizations don’t optimize proper keywords, they don’t negate keywords that don’t convert; and they fail to write compelling ads that compel a visitor to take an action.

PPC Advertising is far more complex than it may seem. Experience matters, and our analysts have it. We’ve managed campaigns on the big search engines since the early days of Google pay-per-click; we stay current with trends, and continually perform analyses and A/B split testing to ensure we serve the best ads with the highest-quality scores.

When a customer clicks on your ad, we’ll take them directly to the page on your website that features the information most relevant to their search. As a Premier Google Ads Partner, Bing, LinkedIn, and Facebook Partner, we have the expertise to quickly launch and optimize your campaigns so they can start producing qualified leads immediately. The key components to successful paid campaigns include:

Other Paid Advertising Strategies Include:


Remarketing allows us to serve Ads to specific visitors based on interactions with your website; increasing the likelihood of conversion. This service is managed directly through your Google Ads, Facebook or LinkedIn business account.

Customer Match

With our Customer Match service, we can upload your email addresses into Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook to target your Ads to individuals based on their email address.


Target users in local competitor location on their mobile device. Geofence technology uses a mobile device’s physical location to trigger targeted advertising based around a pre-defined geographical location. A powerful and effective digital marketing tool, geofencing helps Pittsburgh, PA businesses target ads to local Pittsburgh, PA audiences based off the user’s location.

Custom Intent Audiences 

Custom Intent Audiences allow advertisers the ability to use the Google Display Network to find people who want to buy the specific products they offer — based on data from campaigns, keywords, websites and their YouTube channel. Custom Intent Audiences allow you to go beyond pre-defined audience segments and reach people as they’re making a purchase decision.

Custom Web Design and WordPress Content Management System

Although this is a custom design, no proprietary technologies or exclusive back-end systems are used. Meaning your staff can easily make changes and should you choose, you don’t have to use Conversion Pipeline to make updates, add web pages, change content, etc.  If you can edit a Word document, you can make changes to a WordPress Website. 

Upon gathering data on your business and understanding the DNA of your company, Conversion Pipeline will create a website structure (web outline) that illustrates your company’s core values and includes the following elements:

Measuring Success

We consider the following a successful online marketing campaign:

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