Why SMBs Should Be Using Marketing Automation To Grow Their Business Presentation

Michael Delpierre, CEO of Conversion Pipeline, will be presenting at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce on why SMBs should be using Marketing Automation to grow their business.

Where: Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce 1886 Metro Center Drive , Reston, VA 20190

When: Wednesday February 13 at 8:30 – 10:00am

What: Businesses are turning to marketing automation to grow their revenue. Marketing Automation enables small businesses to automate tasks for both the marketing and sales process. More importantly, marketing automation is enabling businesses to grow their revenue and scale their sales funnel better than ever before.

The Marketing Automation presentation will cover:

  • Outline existing lead process most SMBs are using.
  • What is Marketing Automation.
  • Outline the Marketing Automation process.
  • How SMBs can use Marketing Automation to “nurture” leads.
  • What are Workflow Funnels.
  • Landing Page creation.
  • Customer Profiling.
  • Email Segmentation.
  • Gated Content – What is it and why you need it.
  • Ways to generate traffic to your landing pages (Paid Ads, Organic, Linked-In, Facebook, etc.).
  • Live examples with the audience.

Spaces are limited, register for this event now. Click image below to register:

Marketing Automation Seminar