The 5 Proven Custom Home Builder Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for buyers in the market for custom-built homes?  These five strategies will help you find the clients you’re looking for. 

1. Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Have you ever been to the second page of a Google search? People rarely go to the second page of search results, which is why you want to make sure that you are on the first page. To do this, use keywords. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. Ask yourself what you would type into a search engine if you were them. This could be something along the lines of “custom-built homes near me”. Whatever you think they would search, verify that the phrase is included on your website, specifically on your homepage and page titles.

2. Establish a Newsletter

Add a pop-up on your website that asks for visitors’ email addresses in exchange for newsletters. Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to build relationships with potential buyers. Personalize newsletters to help potential buyers feel like they know and trust you. Send out newsletters once or twice a month, doing so will keep you top-of-mind to potential buyers. Create relevant content that engages readers. Some concepts you can include in your newsletters are:

  • FAQs and your answers
  • Spotlight unique features of homes you’ve built
  • Home builder news in general

 3. Create Exceptional Content

High-quality content is crucial to the prosperity of your website. Creating content that is relevant to potential buyers will engage them more. Additionally, search engines can tell which sites have original, informative content and which sites don’t. Search engines reward websites with the former by increasing their ranking on search results pages. One great way to add creative and credible content to your website is through a blog. Some assets you can implement include:

  • Pictures
  • Videos

Not only will this show your visitors that your business is trustworthy, but it will improve your page rank on search engines as well.

4. Have a Portfolio

Showcase your work with pictures and videos. Providing visuals of your final products will encourage a stronger connection between you and website visitors. By showing your reliability and credibility, you can turn visitors into clients. Case studies and testimonials are also helpful tools to inform potential clients. People like to read reviews and experiences other people have had with your work before they decide to make the investment themselves. 

5. Use Social Media

Social media enables you to narrow-in on your target demographic. Some of the best platforms for home builders to use include Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Remaining active and consistent across social media platforms can help you build brand awareness as well as relationships with potential buyers. 

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