What is HubSpot Inbound Marketing?

What is HubSpot Inbound Marketing?

Times are changing. Traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as they once were. People have become accustomed to tuning out commercials or ignoring the flood of marketing emails constantly filling their inbox. This is why companies today must consider new marketing approaches.

Inbound Marketing Helps Attract and Convert More Customers

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach designed to draw people in and convert them to loyal customers. Inbound marketing includes providing potential customers with relevant, enjoyable content that they’ll want to read and share. This is accomplished through blogging, SEO, and other customer-centric approaches. 

Instead of chasing customers, HubSpot’s inbound marketing draws them to you. This has been shown to increase conversions and keep customers coming back. Properly implemented inbound marketing increases trust in your brand and improves customer satisfaction.

As opposed to outbound marketing, which can be interruptive, inbound marketing is useful and helpful. It helps attract visitors to your company website or social media pages and encourages these visitors to take the next step. This might include filling out a contact form, downloading an eBook, or purchasing a product. 

Once the lead has been generated, HubSpot’s inbound marketing allows your company to nurture the lead through well-planned email campaigns, or perfectly timed phone calls.  

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Provides the Tools Needed for Growth

In addition to attracting more visitors, generating and nurturing leads, inbound marketing provides you with the analytic tools needed to determine areas of your marketing approach that could benefit from improvement. 

Inbound marketing has been shown to produce 54% more leads than traditional, outbound marketing. It also costs less than other methods of marketing.

HubSpot is the world’s #1 marketing platform. HubSpot’s services are designed to help convert visitors into long-term customers. When combined with expert content, inbound marketing provides a reliable, effective way to attract and nurture leads.

Conversion Pipeline offers inbound marketing options through HubSpot. We are a certified HubSpot Partner Agency and our team can help you develop a marketing approach that is custom-tailored to your company’s unique needs. We can help you locate areas in your current marketing plan that could benefit from improvement. Please contact us for more information.

Michael Delpierre