What To Do Before You Implement HubSpot

Before You Implement HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful marketing automation platform, which can be used to grow your business. While HubSpot can significantly improve your chance of success, it must be utilized correctly. 

When implemented properly, HubSpot increases website traffic, improves conversion rate, and drives client and revenue growth. If your company does not take advantage of the tools offered by HubSpot, you will not see positive results. This is why it’s so important to learn as much as you can prior to HubSpot implementation.

Implementing HubSpot can be difficult. There are numerous things that must be considered. It’s important to have one staff member responsible for your HubSpot implementation. This person will need to work approximately 15 hours per week to ensure proper implementation. 

It’s not advised to make implementation the responsibility of multiple employees. This can be confusing and it’s likely that no one will do the required work, as they might each believe that someone else will handle it. 

Creating Content

In addition to dedicating staff for implementation, you will need to have someone create your content. In order to be effective, this content must be well written and easy to read. It should provide your customers and potential customers will information that they can actually use. This might involve giving away some of your company’s secrets. 

All content should be aimed at your intended audience. Topics for blog posts should revolve around the interests of these individuals and keywords should be focused around a specific product or service you offer. The key with writing good content is to offer value.

In order to keep the interest of readers, it’s important not to make your content overly promotional. Consumers today are bombarded with advertisements and promotional material. This type of content becomes white noise for your customers. Providing your readers with multiple “fluff pieces” is the quickest way to lose the interest of potential customers as well as existing customers.

Instead of writing about why your reader should buy your product or choose your business, consider offering a solution to a problem you know they have. For example, a plumbing company in San Diego CA might write an article about how homeowners can perform regular maintenance on their furnace unit at home, or how they can identify common Plumbing problems. This is far more interesting and useful than spending 500 words talking about how your company can service their system. Remember, no one wants to be sold to. Instead, educate and inform your intended audience with good value-added content.

Whether you are writing about plaque removing dental gel or Managed IT Services for small businesses, the goal is to give readers something they’ll actually want to read. This way, they’ll be more likely to come back time and time again. The more they come back, the more likely they are to think of your company when they require the type of product or service you offer. Giving readers relevant, interesting content gives them a reason to remember your business. This is essential to success.

Creating quality content takes time, as does building customer trust. It’s important that you have people dedicated to creating content and managing HubSpot. Without this type of support, you marketing efforts will not provide the results you desire. 

Many companies realize that they do not have the time or people needed to properly implement or manage HubSpot. These companies often turn to an external company. HubSpot Partners have the skills and experience needed to help grow your business and increase your chance of success.

Develop Buyer Personas

HubSpot Implementation

In order to make the most of your marketing efforts, you need to take some time to develop your buyer personas. This involves identifying your target audience and learning how they will use the content you provide. 

It’s a good idea to have multiple staff members responsible for identifying buyer personas. Different people in your organization will have different information about your customers. The more customer-centric their position, the more likely they are to understand what your customers need and why they need it. These are the people you want involved in this process.

If you have multiple departments, each with its own target audience, you’ll need to develop personas for each department. You will also need to write your content in such a way that it pulls your readers in one direction. This can be tricky without the help of an experienced content writer.

Create a Content Plan

An effective plan involves setting a realistic goal for your campaign. This will probably be changed several times before you find what works and what doesn’t. Generally, people create multiple HubSpot campaigns before they settle on the best solution. 

Instead of expecting your plan to work the first time, it’s important to focus on your audience and what works best for them. This probably will take some time to figure out.

Measure Your Success

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of HubSpot is the ability to monitor leads coming in and the success of various tools and campaigns. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on other measurement tools such as Google Analytics. 

It’s important to ensure that you annotate Google Analytics when you launch your marketing campaigns. This will provide your company with the information needed to make smart, data driven decisions. 


One of the best things about HubSpot is its ability to integrate with other third party applications. For example, recruitment can be handled through your blog. When integrated with HubSpot’s features, your company has the ability to track potential candidates. Quoting software can also be integrated to complete the process from attracting the lead, to invoicing the customer. 

While integration can help improve a wide range of business processes, it’s crucial that you get the basics sorted out first. You need to get your inbound marketing in place before you start adding on additional features.

We are a Certified HubSpot Partner

Conversion Pipeline provides inbound and outbound marketing solutions for organizations across a wide range of industries. We are proud to be a certified HubSpot Partner and are able to offer a marketing automation solution, customized to the unique needs and requirements of every organization we work with. 

We understand that HubSpot is a big investment and our team of marketing experts is well prepared to answer any questions you might have about implementation.

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