Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Engineer

Regardless of business type or industry, increasing brand awareness and recognition improves the chance of success. This could prove especially beneficial during times of economic downturn and uncertainty. 

The right marketing campaign provides numerous benefits for your business. In addition to increasing visibility of an organization’s brand, a successful marketing campaign helps build credibility, creates loyalty and trust, and generates traffic for improved lead generation. 

Although most businesses understand the benefits of an effective marketing campaign, many don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into selecting and engineering campaigns to ensure the right message reaches the intended audience. This is where an experienced Marketing Engineer can help. 

What is a Marketing Engineer?

Marketing Engineers apply technical knowledge to sales and marketing campaigns. These highly trained professionals understand the technical aspects of marketing products, putting them in the best position to make recommendations based on an organization’s unique requirements. 

Because of their vast knowledge of the technical aspects of marketing ecosystem, Marketing Engineers know what works and what doesn’t for different situations. Unlike other marketing “experts” that base success on a multitude of factors, Marketing Engineers focus on the number of qualified leads and conversions when determining the success of a campaign across all mediums.

Marketing Engineers work directly with the marketing and sales team. Although they may have several different roles, they typically carry out marketing campaigns requiring technical expertise. Marketing Engineers also provide advice on how technology can be used to meet and exceed existing marketing goals. Although this might suggest that the Marketing Engineer simply supports the rest of the marketing team, nothing could be further from the truth. The Marketing Engineer is involved in every step of the process from planning to execution to A/B testing and reporting of the campaigns.

Developing a Successful Marketing Plan

All businesses can benefit from increasing their online presence and visibility. This is especially true for businesses in competitive markets. For organizations that offer products or services that aren’t easy to explain, a Marketing Engineer provides an invaluable service. Even organizations offering products with obvious value still need to explain how it fits into the lives of consumers. Marketing Engineers help organizations accomplish this.  They develop marketing campaigns using a custom-tailored approach.

When crafting a marketing strategy, organizations must consider multiple factors. It’s important that leaders consider which approach will work best for their target audience. While direct mail campaigns may work for some businesses, they won’t work for others. This is just one example of the many marketing tools organizations have to choose from.

Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced Marketing Engineer

As technology evolves, the need for Marketing Engineers increases. While in the past, businesses could get away with hiring a marketing firm with no technical experience, today’s increasingly digital world requires a different skillset. Today, marketing professionals must have a better understanding of marketing technology. This is where a Marketing Engineer comes in. 

Marketing Engineers have a deep understanding of:

  • Web development
  • Market research strategies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identify market opportunity 
  • Implement & manage marketing automation
  • Working knowledge of various CRMs
  • Support product launch activities
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion goal analysis
  • Master search engine optimization
  • Implement, manage and report on paid advertising campaigns

Marketing Engineers have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop workflows using tools others in the marketing team might not be familiar with.

Even successful organizations could benefit from evaluating their existing marketing plan and conversion goals. During an evaluation, a Marketing Engineer locates areas that could benefit from improvement. They then use their knowledge and understanding of technology to develop a solution. Just like mechanical engineers, Marketing Engineers specialize in solving problems. They have received special training and understand the proper way to approach a wide range of marketing issues. 

With broad skill sets, marketing engineers are a crucial asset to any team. They execute a variety of responsibilities. In addition to developing brand-specific digital marketing campaigns, these professionals conduct collaborative research. Their role involves in-depth analysis of that marketing and competitive research. These experts are also able to create and upkeep company websites. This often includes resolving any technical defects (bug fixes). 

Like any career, after years of training and experience, marketing engineers are expected to carry out more advanced tasks. Well-rounded marketing engineers have a thorough understanding of how to use technology strategically to accomplish specific goals. They actively look for ways to apply technical knowledge for company improvement. They often work well with both marketing team members and engineering team members, fluidly connecting the two. Not only can experienced marketing engineers create original and unique content, they also have resources to go to when they are stumped on challenging projects. Most importantly, they are knowledgeable about the latest types of marketing technology and tools.

Selecting the Right Marketing Tools

Many people do not realize how many marketing technology products exist today. Businesses must determine the right products for each situation. This can seem overwhelming even for the most experienced marketing professional. 

Some common marketing tools are:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email
  • CRM
  • Data visualization solutions
  • Chat / Chatbots
  • Analytics
  • Text Marketing

Marketing Engineers enjoy testing out new technology. This gives them a better understanding of which products work best for different situations. In addition to helping organizations reach their current marketing goals, a Marketing Engineer can also help organizations implement new technologies as they grow and expand into new markets. 

Marketing Automation

New technology that marketing engineers everywhere are implementing is marketing automation. This software makes tedious marketing tasks easier and faster to complete. Marketing automation provides several benefits. It saves time and money. When technology does the most time-consuming work, employees are available to allocate their time wherever they are most needed. It can help to accurately predict a company’s future ROI based on their history. This advanced software provides measurable results for a company’s success, and is able to indicate which marketing strategies are effective. Additionally, It increases brand awareness. Users who receive frequent emails with the same logo and brand name become more familiar with the business, making the brand easier to recognize. 

A commonly used marketing automation software is HubSpot. Their cutting-edge technology helps businesses conduct marketing, sales, and other services across all channels, giving their consumers the best possible experience. HubSpot helps companies get more qualified web traffic, increase revenue, and work more efficiently overall. Companies interested in using HubSpot, it is best to work with an agency that is a Certified HubSpot Partner, as they will be able to help generate more qualified leads.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Conversion Pipeline offers digital marketing services for organizations across a wide range of industries. Our digital marketing experts and Marketing Engineers work closely with each of our clients to evaluate their needs and develop a comprehensive marketing solution. In addition to website design and consulting services, we also offer search engine optimization, content and email marketing, inbound marketing, and a variety of pay per click advertising services. Our marketing campaigns increase visibility, brand recognition, and conversions. 

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