10 Online Marketing Facts:

  1. Online marketing is hard. Well, it isn’t hard, there isn’t a “secret sauce”. It takes time and dedication to understand how the internet and the search engines work and how people use them.
  2. Don’t neglect Social Media. It should be part of your overall marketing mix.
  3. Online Marketing is measurable. While you can’t automate online marketing, you can measure it. If you aren’t measuring each click, sale, interaction, and citation for you and your business, you are not maximizing your ROI.
  4. Data is gold. Use your website’s analytics to determine where you need to shift your marketing dollars. Your data is your strongest ally in marketing.
  5. Online marketing is the most accessible form of marketing. You can reach more people, faster, and for less money than in any other type of marketing.
  6. Access does not imply expertise. Anyone can launch a web site and try to sell something. That doesn’t mean they’re qualified to do it.
  7. You can’t implement-and-forget. If you’re a business owner, you can’t just hire an online marketer and call it a day. Online marketing requires your ongoing analysis and input.
  8. User-generated content is the holy grail.  Fresh, relevant content is key!
  9. Focus on generating positive reviews. Google is serving up review websites like Yelp on the first page of search results. Know what people are saying about your company.
  10. Think Local! Google and other search engines have put more emphasis on local search results. Know where to focus your energy and target the local consumer.