5 Effective Strategies In Utilizing Social Media for Businesses

1. Listen To What Your Customer Is Saying

Social Media has little to do with the thoughts and feelings of the business, it has to do with what your customers have to say. As a business owner, you should listen and take notes. Your customers will tell you how they feel about your product/service (positive and negative) as well as your competitors. This knowledge is power to a business owner.

2. Social Media Is Not Free

A business can set up a new blog, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts without paying anything. There’s no expensive software or third party implementation costs. What social media does require is time, energy, effort, and commitment. It’s a big commitment to create content that resonates with your audience, listen to conversations, and responding accordingly. Your time is not free as well all know.

3. Size Of Followers

Mashable has 575,844 Facebook followers, you don’t. No big deal, if you create an excited following, your follower base will grow and flourish. Its about the quality, not the quantity.

4. It Is Not About Self Promotion

Social media is not about self promotion. Use value-added content to communicate with your community effectively. Offer advice and information to help your audience.No one wants to hear how good you are at certain things, stop boasting and start producing value!

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help

Social media is time consuming and most small business owners don’t have the time to properly engage their audience with fresh and relevant content on a consistent basis. Focus on what you do best and don’t be afraid to engage with a  firm to help your social media strategy grow.