How to Get Clients to Leave Business Reviews

Businesses thrive on positive reviews and feedback left by clients on their pages. Search engines also thrive on positive reviews. Google, Yahoo, and Bing factor reviews into their search ranking mechanisms so it is becoming more and more important for businesses to request this small task of their clients.

Leaving a review on Google+, Yahoo, and Yelp! is as easy as can be. Just a few simple steps and not only do clients get to leave comments about their personal experiences but they also improve the business’s search engine ranking in return.

With this article I want to compile a quick rundown on how to post reviews on each of these sites so users have a no fail guide to complimenting your business! For example purposes I’ll use my company, Conversion Pipeline’s business pages. Let’s start with search engine powerhouse, Google:

Google Reviews

  1. Log into your personal Google account. If you don’t have one, create a new account.
  2. Go to the business’s Google+ page.
  3. You will then be prompted to fill out your review:
  4. Be sure to fill out the rating (from 1-5 stars) and describe your experience with Conversion Pipeline. When you are finished, please push the PUBLISH button.
  5. You will see a thank you message. Please push DONE to complete your review
  6. You can then go to the ABOUT tab on Conversion Pipeline’s Google+ page to view or edit your review and view other reviews posted to our page.


Yelp Reviews

  1. Go to the business’s Yelp page.
  2. If you already have a account, please make sure you are signed in. Otherwise you will be prompted to create a new account during the process.
  3. Click on the “Write A Review” button
  4. You will then be prompted to rate Conversion Pipeline and provide a review of your interaction with us.
  5. Click “Post”. You will be asked to confirm the language you’d like your post to appear in. Please select English.
  6. After submitting your review you will be brought back to the Conversion Pipeline listing. Yelp will prompt you to check your email and confirm the post.
  7. Please check your email and follow the link in the body of the email. This may take some time to come through so don’t forget to check back!
  8. After confirming the email you will see your review on the Conversion Pipeline Yelp listing.


Yahoo! Reviews

  1. Sign into your personal Yahoo! account. If you do not have an account, please create one.
  2. Go to the business’s Yahoo local page.
  3. Click the “Write a Review” button:
  4. Fill out your review for Conversion Pipeline and click the POST REVIEWS button when finished.
  5. You will then see your review on the page. Here you can edit your review, as well.

Bing Reviews

So the first thing about Bing that you need to know is that there is no way to leave reviews for businesses here. Instead of hosting their own set of reviews like these other sites, Bing Local aggregates review snippets and ratings from third party review sites. They mostly draw content from Yelp and Citysearch, so be sure to build out complete profiles on both platforms if you are going to leave a Bing review.

Although reviews are less simple on Bing, creating a business listing is easy. It is very important to create a Bing Local listing for your business. The listings are free, can be updated at any time, and can showcase multiple locations for a single business. Bing can be a valuable organic search asset for some businesses.

Getting clients to leave reviews for your company is as simple as asking for it. If they have positive experiences they most likely will be willing to share them!