Conversion Pipeline To Offer Retargeting Services

RESTON, VA: Conversion Pipeline, a premier online marketing agency, has just announced that it is launching a highly anticipated remarketing service for clients who are looking to gain additional visibility on their online marketing campaigns.

Remarketing is a powerful online marketing tool that allows businesses to selectively target and customize ads or offerings to users that have previously clicked their ads. It ensures that marketing dollars are spent targeting an audience that is highly receptive to the ads. Conversion Pipeline’s CEO, Michael Delpierre, commented:Remarketing is the most underutilized online marketing strategy. Companies can spend thousands of dollars on online advertising and achieve a certain level of return on investment (ROI). Remarketing allows us to retarget the users that already clicked on our online ads, thus increasing our ROI by focusing on customized messaging to concentrated targeted user groups.”

Remarketing is a more sophisticated and complex strategy with a longer time horizon, so it’s best used as an extension and enhancement of a more traditional Google AdWords campaign. However, remarketing shows significant results across a variety of industries, whether advertisers use display or text ads, or whether they’re raising brand awareness or driving clicks and sales. Conversion Pipeline’s experienced team handles the complexities of the strategies and works with their clients to leverage the extreme level of customization available through remarketing.

Conversion Pipeline has offered remarketing services to a select group of clients but now has decided to open up this powerful online advertising strategy to all of their clients. Delpierre continued:Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows our customers to stay engaged with their target audience by presenting them with relevant ads and offers across Google’s expansive advertising platform.” By placing targeted online messaging in front of lost prospects who’ve left their client’s website, Conversion Pipeline knows that remarketing will make sure that the marketing message stays top-of-mind for those consumers when they’re ready to buy.

About Conversion Pipeline

Conversion Pipeline is a leading Internet marketing company helping businesses advertise online and increase their search engine rankings. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Reputation Management and now Remarketing solutions, we are able to elevate brand awareness, increase conversion ratios and drive new revenue growth for our clients. Conversion Pipeline Voted Top Advertising And Marketing Agencies In Washington D.C. Metro Area.