The Cost Of Hiring A Marketing Agency

The cost of hiring a marketing agency is both higher and lower than you might think. Companies today need online marketing expertise more than ever before, but it’s crucial to do your research before hiring.

Paying for Expertise

Things change fast in our plugged-in world. Marketing strategies that worked last week are passe today. You’ve got a business to run, and there’s no way you can stay up to date. The cost of hiring a marketing agency runs through a broad range of price points, from a few hundred dollars a month to several thousand.

A good marketing agency is worth every penny and more, but it’s not enough to ask them when you can expect to recoup your investment– there are too many variables to say for sure. Instead, ask about their track record, their client list, their experience in your industry. An experienced and trustworthy firm will be sure to maintain their client’s privacy but may be able to provide you with anonymized data to back up their results.

Opportunity Costs

There’s an old saying to the effect of, “If you’re not moving fast, you’re losing ground.” Google measures trust in part by the age of your back-links, so the best time to have started online marketing was yesterday. If you’re not ranking first on Google, your competitors almost certainly are. Unless you take the steps to combat that now, that position will only get more entrenched over time.

Now that so much marketing clout has shifted into social media, you’ll want to make sure that you’re maximizing your marketing potential in that arena as well. A comprehensive strategy from a good marketing firm will include a plan for building trust with your customers over social media.

In the end, it would be a mistake to focus on the cost of hiring a marketing agency. Instead, focus on the results you want to gain, and communicate that to the firms you research. To discuss your options with the experienced team at Conversion Pipeline, call or email us and receive a free consultation.