Customer Spotlight – Atlas Fitness : Atlas Fitness Partners With DC Triathlon Club

Thomas Jefferson said, “A strong body makes the mind strong.” and Conversion Pipeline’s client, Atlas Fitness, helps to make strong bodies every day. Their approach to personal training, group exercise, health, nutrition and fitness is unique and tailored to each individual. Read on to learn a little more about Atlas Fitness and their partnership with the DC Triathlon Club in this week’s customer spotlight.



Atlas Fitness is excited to announce a partnership with DC Triathlon Club. Atlas Fitness Owner, Tim Bruffy, and President of DC Triathlon Club, Meaghan Jennison, formed this partnership to integrate their brands and provide a more holistic training approach for their members.

“We know that this new partnership will pay great dividends to all the members of the DC Triathlon Club,” says Jennison. “Strength training is an often overlooked aspect of training for most triathletes. The knowledge and experience that Tim and his team offer will really help round out the training of our athletes and make them stronger, faster, and more balanced overall.”

As part of this new partnership, Atlas Fitness will offer a 10% discount to DC Triathlon members for personal training, small group personal training, Group X, nutritional coaching and program design. Additionally, DC Triathlon members can look forward to participating in exclusive strength training classes tailored specifically to endurance athletes.

Atlas Fitness will partner with DC Triathlon Club to share important events, articles, nutrition and training tips on their website and social media platforms. Atlas Fitness will regularly attend and speak at DC Triathlon annual members meetings and social events.

DC Triathlon Club offers training programs designed for every level of triathlete: from novices all the way up to Ironman and elites. They also have programs designed for people wanting to improve their swimming techniques and abilities as well as programs for cycling.

Atlas Fitness is a personal training and fitness facility that includes some of the best fitness coaches and trainers in the Washington, D.C. area. Our central goal is to provide personalized training experiences tailored to individual clients. You’ll receive comprehensive training composed of core fitness principles as well as creative and challenging exercises with special care paid toward preventing injury, all in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.