Customer Spotlight – Make It Modular

As the only active builder of container buildings in Austin, Texas, Make It Modular (MiM) is excited to announce the launch of its website:

“We recognized a market need for affordable, dependable, sustainable buildings that could be more easily and quickly built, and fit almost anywhere,” said Stevie K. Bear, Partner, President and CEO of Make It Modular. “We saw the problem and the need, and we wanted to be part of the solution.”

The innovative developer hopes to break ground on its first fully modular living spaces this Fall, two freestanding condominiums on a single lot at the corner of E 16th & Perez Streets in hip East Austin. These two-story custom homes will be outfitted in an altogether modern / semi-industrial design and beautified with a unique combination of enhanced and high end style finishes.

Homebuyers who seek a more sustainable lifestyle will be delighted to learn of the many and varied benefits of a modular home from Make It Modular:

●    MiM insulates each modular home with a plant-based, closed-cell spray insulation that provides ultimate protection, while taking up minimal room. (Bonus: It’s eco-friendly.)

●    Additional exterior skin options allow for extra out-sulation as well, with most skin choices adding to Make It Modular’s signature super low maintenance style, saving both time and money.

●    Each Make It Modular home is constructed using Cor-Ten steel ISBU Containers as building blocks, and specifically designed to withstand all grades of severe weather.

●    Cor-Ten steel will not appeal to wood-destroying insects, and is mold resistant too!

●    MiM mods can be constructed in as little as half the time it takes to build traditional style houses, sometimes as few as three weeks after permitting is complete.

Fully customizable to meet each client’s needs, Make It Modular has the capacity to construct container-based spaces as small or as large as desired. The two units currently planned for placement in Austin demonstrate this range beautifully: Where a two-bedroom, two-bath home takes up just under 1100 square feet, the other — a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath condominium with outdoor space perfect for entertaining — spans more than 1800 square feet.

To learn more about Make It Modular, or to inquire about purchasing a fully customizable modular home in Austin or elsewhere, visit