Customer Spotlight: Medical Payment Exchange

About Medical Payment Exchange

Since 2013, Medical Payment Exchange, Inc. has focused on helping health care providers overcome cash flow issues caused by payment delays and increased patient responsibilities. Their services allow providers to review the status of medical claims weeks prior to payer remittance files or payments. Their services are specially designed to accelerate cash flow and reduce the burden placed on administration.

Medical Payment Exchange offers two services to medical professionals: myClaimStatus and myClaimAnalytics. These unique, cloud-based services provide real-time data that can be used to accelerate cash flow and increase efficiency. Medical Payment Exchange is currently offering a free trial of their services to medical professionals. More information about this offer can be found on their website.


myClaimStatus allows healthcare providers to view claim status in as little as one day after submission. This makes it possible for administration to structure work queues appropriately. myClaimStatus can be integrated with hospital and medical practice information systems to increase efficiency and reduce the time spent chasing claims. myClaimStatus is an automation service. There is no software to install and no large capital expense is required.


myClaimAnalytics helps healthcare providers better understand their financial performance and payer behaviors. This cloud-based system provides detailed insight into the revenue cycle. Claims data is aggregated and evaluated to give healthcare organizations a competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing

Medical Payment Exchange recently partnered with us to handle all of their digital marketing. We are pleased to have provided them with content marketing leading up to a major show that they presented at in September. We created a whiteboard video that has been highly effective in portraying their services.

We are excited to have Medical Payment Exchange as a new client and we look forward to continuing our work with them. For more information about Medical Payment Exchange, please visit their website at