Customer Spotlight – My Plumber

While a sweltering heat wave approaches us this weekend here at Conversion Pipeline we just have one question for you “Is your meter running?”

Take a moment to read an article from our client My Plumber on how your large energy bills could be the cause of a non-functioning electric meter.

A faulty electric meter could be the cause of your sky-high energy bills

No machine is built to last forever. Air conditioners need to be recharged, and electricity meters sometimes don’t work as well as they should. Each of these can lead to decreased home efficiency and higher energy bills. And ah, now that I mention it: You’ve realized that your utility bill has been higher than normal this summer.

It is estimated that each American home consumes 11,040-KWh (kilowatt hours) over the course of a year, and when homeowners see a sharp rise in their electric costs, there may be reason to suspect a problem with their energy usage, or with the mechanical equipment itself.

You’ve ruled out the toilet repair. And your air conditioner seems to be running fine.

A faulty electric meter could be the cause of your sky-high energy bills.

A faulty electric meter may continue to spin, continuing to record energy even when none is being consumed.

Should a malfunction occur, this device may record energy use when none is being consumed. If you suspect a problem, there are a few things you can do:

  • Take a close and critical look at your electric meter. There you’ll find a set of dials numbered 0 to 9, directly below which is a disk that spins according to the level of electricity being used. Make a mental note of how fast the disk is spinning, OR
  • Take daily meter readings at the same time every day to monitor your energy consumption. Are the levels consistent or do they seem all over the place?
  • Shut off the power to everything electrical, and all circuit breakers. Take an immediate meter reading, and then another an hour later to gauge the difference. Your electric meter should not spin when everything is turned off.

If the disk does still spin, your meter is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Not sure who is responsible for replacing your electric meter?

Give your most trusted heating, cooling, and plumbing service provider a call; My Plumber San Diego  is in the business of helping its neighbors, you, run the most efficient home on the block. (HINT: It’s likely your electric company, whether Dominion Virginia Power or NOVEC, who will be the one to replace your faulty electric meter.)