Customer Spotlight – DogLeggs Success Story

Dogs are part of our family, so when it comes to medical treatments you always want the best care for your family member. DogLeggs provides coverage and support solutions for a variety of diagnoses and treatment areas for your pup. They have tons of success stories from happy dog parents, including the story below about Luke! His vet-recommended DogLeggs helped reduce a large elbow hygroma.

We always love to hear DogLeggs success stories! This one came in from a family that adopted Luke, a cane corso in November with a 15” elbow hygroma.


The rescue offered to pay for the elbow hygroma to be removed, but the family met with the vet and didn’t feel right about getting the surgery as the vet couldn’t guarantee that the hygroma would stay away. When they consulted with another certified surgeon, she suggested DogLeggs instead, and thank goodness!

After several weeks of wearing his Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs, Luke’s elbow hygroma was reduced by two inches from 15” to 13”.

Quinn, Luke’s owner said, “Never would I have imagined it would have worked so quickly and be so noninvasive to my puppy.”

DogLeggs is so happy to see our products help families find a non-surgical solution for their pups! Thanks so much to Quinn for sending in Luke’s story! To learn more about using our  standard adjustable length DogLeggs to treat your dog’s hygroma click here.