How to Not Waste Your Digital Ad Dollars

Digital advertising offers a variety of platforms, attribution methods, and targeting options. The great variety of options can be overwhelming and make it challenging to use your ad budget efficiently and effectively. 
We will be presenting at The Tower Club’s Lunch and Learn event on 12:30 p.m., April 24 at The Tower Club. Attendees will learn how to make the most of digital ad dollars.
We will be sharing a variety of key best practices, including:
1. Pay attention to successful implementation of conversion tracking and attribution models
2. Don’t pay per impression — figure out the digital advertising model that works best for your business and goals.
3. Don’t neglect social media advertising.
4. Keep your website up to date. Don’t neglect your website.
5. Implement a content marketing strategy
6. Utilize print media campaigns in conjunction with digital advertising.
7. Track your phone call leads by source/medium.
8. Remember the power of mobile targeting and mobile-friendly websites. If you are not thinking about mobile, you are neglecting at least half of your audience.
9. Ensure that you have an agency to keep up with the latest trends in digital and search engine marketing, since it’s easy to get left behind.
Reservation required to attend the Lunch and Learn event. Attendance is complementary for Tower Club members. For guests, attendance is $25.
To RSVP and reserve your spot, call 703.761.4260 or email [email protected].