Digital Marketing Has Evolved; Has Your Strategy?

As Google constantly changes its algorithms for site ranking, the digital marketing strategy employed to take a website to the first page — and beyond, to those all-important conversions — must also change.

Consider the following; these tactics may have worked just fine in the past, but in today’s online eco-system, might be seen as digital marketing faux pas.

Trying to cover all of the bases, all of the time

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok: The list goes on and on. The Internet is populated with dozens of social networking sites, and you may think, “My company needs a presence on all of them!” But maybe not. Take the time to research and understand which sites are popular among your target audience, and use your time wisely.

Playing the role of the pushy salesman

Your customers are smart, and they’ll know when they’re being given a hard sell. In fact, they’ve come to expect it. Get around their cynicism by developing their trust. Develop their trust; create a community they value, and you’ll close the deal.

Buying your audience

Sure, it’s true: The more ‘likes’ or ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ your business page has, the more likely it is to be seen, but as smart as your customers are, Facebook is too. When a company or a digital marketing agency tries to game the system by artificially increasing page exposure, the search engine algorithms are almost guaranteed to sniff out the trickery. And you’ll have wasted your marketing budget for nothing.

Ignoring the customer

You’ve spent the time (not the money) to develop your audience. Now: Don’t talk at them. After all, your business is about serving the customer. Talk to them, and with them; answer their questions, and respond thoughtfully to their complaints. The more the customer understands that there is a real person on the other side of the computer screen, and one who cares about his concerns, the higher the level of trust for your business will grow.

The moral of the story here is this:

Evolve with your digital marketing strategy.

Just like life, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy is about learning to roll with the punches; learning from your own mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others; and evolving — to find a digital marketing strategy that works today, and another that works tomorrow, and maybe even another the day after that.