What Does A Good PPC Report Look Like?

If you are doing any form of online advertising a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) report can be filled with data that does not make sense and is riddled with relevant and irrelevant data depending upon what your goals are. So we are often asked, what does a good PPC report consists of.

 The PPC Report – Food For Thought

A good PPC report relies less on the static numbers (a regurgitation of raw data), and more on what the numbers mean. If you can determine what the raw data means, you can better align your campaign with your goals.  Some insights into this concept are represented below:

  • What insight can be drawn from the raw numbers? How do they align with my goals?
  • Are there seasonal trends that impact these numbers?
  • Are you running tests against your campaign?
  • Goal Alignment: Have your goals changed since you started your campaign?
  • Has the cost per conversion increased? If so, how?
  • Look at your competitors. Have they increased or decreased in numbers?
  • What is your competitor’s strategy?
  • Revisit your ad copy. What once was working, may not work now. Test, tweak and analyze.
  • Search trends change, so must your target keywords.
  • Is the news impacting my campaign?

The PPC Bottom Line

Don’t only look at the raw PPC data. Try and decipher what that data means to you and your goals. Expect peaks and valleys in your data. You can always improve your PPC campaign. Let the data tell you how you can improve your campaign. If you align your data with your goals, you will succeed.