Google Plus for Business: What You Need To Know

Every time a hot new social media site hits the market, businesses ask themselves: “Do we need to be on [Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc]?” The answer is usually, “It depends on your target market.”

Google Plus Is Different

This is not the case, however, with Google Plus. For business visibility, search rankings, and overall trustworthiness, a business must be on Google Plus.

People turn to search for nearly everything these days, and they’ve become accustomed to finding it. But it’s not enough if you’re the first result under your name. With mobile search, searches go through Google Maps, and even when they don’t, local search comes into play to ensure that users get relevant results. With a Google Places page, businesses are able to post reviews and other pertinent information, but that’s all one way.

Why not go the extra step and get your business active on Google Plus? Multimedia (videos, tweets, and photos) are increasingly being targeted by search engines, and there’s ample evidence that Google plans to make Google Plus entries as prominent as it can.

Google Plus Is Good For SEO

Take everything that makes social media a good idea and add to that everything that makes SEO a good idea — that’s what Google Plus is for business.

For small businesses in particular, Google Plus is just one more weapon in their arsenal– many are already using Gmail, Google Documents (now named Drive) and Google Hangouts has become the newest way for businesses to video chat, screen share, and collaborate, both with each other and clients.

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