How Facebook WiFi Can Increase User Engagement

With 85% percent of Americans owning smartphones, most customers expect a WiFi network to be available when they enter your business. Though you may have WiFi for your own operations, there are a few reasons why you might hesitate to have an open guest network available. If you have concerns about cost, tech support, or security, a product from Facebook can address all these issues while helping you market your business.

Free WiFi from Facebook

Facebook offers a WiFi service which gives users free access to WiFi when they are at a participating business. The user logs into the Facebook app, checks in on the business’s page, and is logged into the free WiFi network. Customers will not need to go through the hassle of asking for a network name or password.

If you already have a Facebook page for your business, getting set up with Facebook WiFi is simple. There is no special equipment to buy because the network is compatible with a long list of popular routers, including Netgear and D-Link. It only takes about 20 minutes to set up the system in your business once you have the router and all the security settings and parameters are preconfigured for you, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your network.  

Drive More Social Engagement With Free WiFi

There is no cost for you or the customer, and you may even see an uptick in your marketing results. Since the customer must check in at your business to access the WiFi, you’ll see a jump in the check-ins number listed on your page. Plus, when the customer checks in at your business, that gets displayed on their page for friends and family to see.

In addition to more check-ins, being in the Facebook WiFi directory could get you more page likes. Once a customer visits your business and accesses the WiFi network, they may be inclined to “like” your page for easier access in the future.

The increased activity on your page can boost your page in the rankings to appear in the “Nearby Places” section of the Facebook app. Getting your page in front of more people will increase the reach for the content you post on your page and, hopefully, increase engagement rates.

Get More Info on Your Audience

Another benefit to the increased traffic Facebook WiFi could bring to your business page is the detailed user information that will be available to you. You’ll be able to tell how many unique users access your network each month, how many are new or returning users, and more. Your network users will also be added into your page demographics if they “like” the page.

What’s even better is that the information you get from your insight reports can help you create targeted advertising campaigns to reach the customers who have used your network. With more precise targets for your Facebook ads, you’ll drive more conversions and revenue for your business.

Fast, Simple Set Up

If you are ready to set up Facebook WiFi for your business, log into your page as an admin. In the settings area under Page Info, you’ll need to confirm your business address is listed correctly. Next, follow the set-up instructions on your router. If your router is already set up, go back to the settings area of your business Facebook page and link the WiFi. You can adjust security and authentication settings at this point, or you can simply test the connection. If you can connect a device to your network, your setup is complete, and you don’t need to take any further steps.

Connect Your Instagram

If you have an Instagram account for your business, you can also offer free WiFi through that platform, too. However, there are different compatible routers for the Instagram network and another set of compatible routers that are capable of supporting both Facebook and Instagram networks. A full list of compatible routers and the platforms they support is available on Facebook’s WiFi FAQ page.

Let’s Talk About Facebook WiFi

If you’re looking for a free and low-risk way to offer WiFi to your customers while building your social media engagement, Facebook WiFi could be right for your business. Contact Conversion Pipeline today to learn more on how we can help you use Facebook to promote your business.

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