What does your social media marketing strategy look like? More specifically, what does your paid social media advertising strategy look like? In today’s highly digital and highly mobile world, social media reigns supreme, and there is no bigger social media platform than Facebook. If you aren’t advertising your business or your client’s business on Facebook, or if you aren’t having any success with your Facebook advertising, then it’s time to hire outside help.

A white label Facebook advertising agency is just the help you need to have success with paid Facebook ads. Just what is Facebook advertising, and who are the white label agencies that operate within this marketing niche? That’s what we will discuss in this blog, along with some best practices to keep your advertising and conversion costs affordable.

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White Label Facebook Advertising Needs.

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What is White Label Facebook Advertising?

If you spend any time on Facebook then you have likely seen the advertisements that are embedded in your newsfeed. They appear as posts rather than ads, and they have paid for the right to be there. More specifically, they have paid for the right to market to you on your Facebook newsfeed. These creative, well written, and targeted ads are the goal when it comes to running a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Just because you have experience using Facebook as a consumer, doesn’t mean you have the required expertise to run a successful Facebook advertising campaign. 

White label Facebook advertisers do have this required expertise and it’s a wise choice to hire them to handle your Facebook ad campaigns or the campaigns for your clients. Failing to enlist help early on can quickly lead to an expensive ad cost and a low conversion rate, if any at all.

So who are white label Facebook advertisers? Well, for starters, they are paid advertising experts who are likely skilled in all paid online advertising channels. This includes search engine advertising like Google (known as “paid search”), as well as social media channels such LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, Facebook (known as “paid social”). Each channel has unique benefits and setbacks and a white label paid search and social agency will know how to get the most out of each channel.

White label paid search and social agencies are an excellent partner to help ensure that your Facebook ad campaign reaches your target audience in the right ways, and at the right cost. They are also the perfect partner for handling Facebook advertising for your clients as they will coat everything from reports to the ads themselves with you or your client’s branding. Most white label agencies operate under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), meaning that they cannot legally claim any creative ownership of your or your client’s Facebook advertising. Not in their case studies, not in their own social media marketing, or even in their portfolio. This makes a white label partnership ideal for digital marketing agencies who specialize in other marketing disciplines but not paid social. 

No need to turn away your clients for this kind of work. All you need to do is hand over their paid Facebook ad campaigns to your trusted white label agency and let them take care of getting results while you take the credit. In fact, some digital marketing agencies even list paid social campaigns on your service offerings but it is handled by their white label agency, not in-house.

Now that we have covered what a white label Facebook advertising agency does, let’s talk about the tools they use to ensure success with your Facebook ad campaign.

Take a Targeted Approach

While Facebook is the largest social media platform, reaching nearly a third of all people on Earth, your target audience should be targeted rather than broad. Trying to hook too many different audiences only waters down the creative aspect of your ads while also significantly increasing your monthly ad spend.

Facebook advertising costs are determined by 3 key factors – bidding model, size of audience, audience competitiveness. These factors not only determine the cost of getting your ads into the newsfeed of your target audience, but they also determine your conversion cost which is the price you pay every time someone clicks through your ad and onto your website. Your conversion cost is not the cost of converting a visitor to a paying customer, but just the cost you pay to get them off Facebook and onto your website. 

Here’s how a targeted approach can save you from spending too much on your Facebook ad cost.

Bidding Models

Bidding models are how you pay for your Facebook advertising. There are two main bidding models for Facebook – Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Like (CPL). With a CPC campaign, you pay a set rate for every 1000 clicks, and with a CPL campaign you pay a set rate for every 1000 likes of your ad. The rate for your bidding model is determined by the size and competitiveness of your audience. If you target your audience, you will cut down on its competitiveness, and save thousands of dollars on your bidding.

Audience Size

Your audience size is the number of Facebook consumers you are targeting with your ad campaign. The larger the audience, the higher your bidding rate will be. This is exactly why it’s so important to target a specific audience. Try to target the world and your ad cost will skyrocket. But if you can narrow down your audience, you can keep your costs more affordable, especially if it isn’t a super competitive audience.

For example, if you sell drills and you know that your drills sell best in Milwaukee, and your drills are primarily bought by men in the 45 to 55 age demographic, then you can target men in this demographic in the Milwaukee area. This is much more focused than just men 45 – 55 years of age.

You can narrow your target audience even further by only targeting men in the 45 – 55 age demographic in the Milwaukee area who also have a construction industry job on their profile, or who have liked power tool brand pages like yours or your competitors. You just cut down what would have been a target audience of millions down to tens of thousands. And with an average CPC bidding rate of $.97 or a CPL bidding rate of $1.07, you just saved thousands of dollars on your monthly Facebook ad spend.

Audience Competitiveness

The competitiveness of your target audience is determined by how many advertisers are targeting your particular audience. With over 7 Million Facebook advertisers, virtually every target audience sees some sort of advertising. After all, advertising is a huge source of revenue for Facebook. This is another great reason to focus your target audience as much as possible, especially if your target audience is highly competitive.

The 25 to 34 age demographic makes up the largest group of Facebook users, and therefore they are typically the demographic that is marketed to the most. This makes this demographic highly competitive and the most expensive to target with your Facebook ad campaign. If your target audience is within this demographic, focusing it down as much as possible be it by location, listed jobs, or liked pages, will help you to reduce your ad cost.


No blog article on white label Facebook advertising would be complete without discussing retargeting. This is the skill of staying in front of your target audience who have already acted on one of your ads, landed on your website, but did not make a purchase. Your retargeting strategy is one of the most important aspects of your Facebook ad campaign. Some Paid social agencies would even argue that it’s the most important aspect.

Your retargeting strategy should include new and unique ads that are specifically designed to get the attention of your target consumers who have already shown interest in your business. Because they have already shown interest, your aim should be to create a dialogue that entices them to commit rather than building awareness which is usually the goal for the first layer of ads. 

Some Facebook advertising agencies incorporate multiple layers of retargeting ads to speak to consumers who have visited your website more than once. These ads walk with your target consumers as they continue their buying journey with your business. Each ad gets a little more specific and nudges them a little more until they finally purchase your product or service.

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