How To Release A Press Release

Often times we are asked to explain how a press release works and I normally go into detail of our SEO Optimized Press Release Process (Our Secret Sauce). But the biggest question that we receive from our clients is how much visibility can I get with my online press releases. Our answer is always centered on the press release must follow some basic fundamental variables that increase online visibility. Some of the variables that our SEO Copywriters follow are:

  1. Focus on Relevant Quality Content.
  2. Make the press release “Newsworthy”.
  3. Use “SEO-rich” keywords that are service and/or product specific.
  4. Determine who the audience is.
  5. Determine which media outlets you want to target.
  6. Determine your geographic targeted area.
  7. What are you looking to achieve from the press release?
  8. Make sure that the press release is written by a Professional Copywriter.

Our latest press release that was submitted got picked up by various online media outlets which drove traffic, generated leads, and increased the amount of back-links we received from quality, relevant websites which made it a “win-win” scenario for us. Bloomberg, for example, picked up on our press release and republished it on their website.