The Importance Of Press Releases To Small Business Online Marketing

When you’re approached for a business opportunity from a business you don’t know well, what’s the first thing you do?

You google, of course. And you don’t just want to see the boilerplate website copy– you want to know what other people are saying [link to Rep. Mngmt article]. You want to know what kinds of deals they’ve done, what sorts of industry associations they’re involved in, and who their key management players are. Not finding these sorts of data is a big red flag.

You don’t want that to happen to your company. That’s why at Conversion Pipeline, we utilize press releases and PRWeb as a substantial portion of our online marketing strategies.

What Press Releases Do For Your Company

There’s a broad trend within the current market for people and companies to go online for news and information. Therefore, a press release may be the single most important place to announce any noteworthy events or achievements for your company. Press releases drive qualified leads to your site and may be seen by millions of potential customers.

In addition, the impact on SEO rankings for your company site may be enormous. Backlinks are still an important aspect of SEO, but they’re harder than ever to get from qualified sources. At Conversion Pipeline, we use PRWeb to disseminate press releases

Why PRWeb?

PRWeb was the first PR distribution system designed specifically for the web, and they’re still the best. In a new report released by Vocus, the cloud marketing provider, PRWeb outperformed all major competitors by several measures. Not only did PRWeb disseminate the lion’s share of PRs, but it also led the market in social sharing, traffic, and other SEO metrics.

And as I’ve said before in our own PRWeb success profile, PRWeb is not only the best PR distributor on the market, they provide the best value for the money. We can release three times as many PRs on PRWeb than with the nearest competitor.

Press Releases are a crucial component of an Online Marketing Strategy

Although strategically producing press releases can seem daunting, we can walk you through it. Contact us today for your free strategy consultation at 877-877-0542.