Local SEO – What You Need To Do

There are many important things you can do as a business owner that will help your website get ranked on the first page of Google. Since Google localizes its search results, businesses need to create content and web pages aimed at localizing their product and/or service. There are many different factors in properly optimizing your website (and webpages) for Google to index you on the first page. For instance:

  1. Descriptive Content
  2. Descriptive URL
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Header Elements
  5. Back Links
  6. Web Page Relevancy
  7. And Much More

Local Search Example

The examples listed down below are web pages that have been live for less than a month but yet rank well within the first page for local Google results (i.e. geo-targeted) for a very descriptive local service. By utilizing good on-page search engine optimization practices and strategic off-page link building, we were able to showcase a Google first-page listing within one month’s time. While companies are paying to be listed on the first page of Google, we are building SEO optimized web pages in a relatively short time (and with very little money). For more information about out Local SEO strategy and how your business can benefit from it, please call the Conversion Pipeline Local SEO Team at: 703-303-2649 or [email protected].

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