Marketing Your Brand Online: It’s Gone To The Birds

Marketing Your Brand Online: It’s Gone To The Birds

…the “Twitter” birds that is. It’s no surprise that social media and marketing are becoming more and more blended. With over 425 million Facebook users (and counting) and millions of Tweets a month, it should be a no brainer for any company to have a strong and constant presence within the world of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. Yet, despite the rising numbers of users within these social media platforms and despite the 20 billion new “Likes” on fan and business pages a month it’s still a relatively new marketing endeavor, yet vital

Marketing through use of social media has only been around within the past five years.

Twitter marketingPrevious platforms such as Friendster, Tagged and Xanga were platforms that arrived early to the social media party and although they still exist and maintain a user base, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have utilized an algorithm that has changed not only the face of social interaction but also the face of businesses as well.

Marketing through these social platforms, however, couldn’t be easier. For those who are new the social media game, you might be scratching your head when phrases such as “Like us Facebook!” or “Retweet me!” come up, yet it’s nothing to be afraid of. They’re just words, or on Twitter, 140 characters — they’re nothing to be afraid of. In fact, if used correctly, these words can not only boost your businesses image but also your authority online.

Twitter has provided a platform for businesses to conveniently connect globally with clients, business partners and even friends. Through the use of the Search tool, the ability to follow leads, follow news and blog feeds as well as keep up with current events relevant to their services are all possibilities. Re-tweeting a current events or blog feeds that are relevant to your business or mentioning a tag at a Twitter profile that has a deeper following base can do wonders for businesses online presence as Google does document keywords used in Twitter updates within their search engine.

Marketing and promoting your business through Twitter also gives businesses the opportunity to globally interact with clients, fans and fellow business partners and if the interaction is done correctly, these Tweets allow for more opportunities to show up in hash-tag (the name for trending topics) and subject searches.

Although firmly grasping Twitter, or more the terminology, can be moderately confusing in the early stages of learning the platform, once the method to the madness is utilized correctly, businesses will begin to experience a new level of networking and social interaction unlike anything seen before in the world of online marketing.

Bridget O’Brien