Meet Marie, Conversion Pipeline’s Newest Digital Marketing Strategist

MarieJarvisMarie Jarvis is the new kid in town, joining Conversion Pipeline’s crazy — err, I mean experienced and eccentric team of digital marketing enthusiasts as, you guessed it, Digital Marketing Strategist.

Marie, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from Elon University, is diving headfirst into her responsibilities interacting with clients, bantering with Michael, performing monthly reporting, chasing Nick’s dog around the office, and working to enrich the already diverse Conversion Pipeline service offering.

To give you (and us) a chance to get to know her a little better, Marie and I sat down last week and talked about everything from her first car to how she got her start in the world of marketing, and her definition of a perfect day to what’s got her excited about life with Conversion Pipeline.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Love Actually. It still gives me the feels every time I watch it.

What got you interested in digital marketing?

I had a marketing internship before my senior year of college and I enjoyed producing content that moved people to action. I also love how the world of digital marketing is ever evolving and there is always something new to learn.

What was your first car?

My first car was a tiny two door green Mazda truck. I put a big flower sticker on the back to try to make it look more feminine. I hated it at first but I grew to love its uniqueness. After that I had the pleasure of driving a passed down maroon Ford Taurus that my friends referred to as the “purple people eater”.

What is one thing you hope to add to the Conversion Pipeline team?

I hope to bring a fresh perspective as the new kid on the block and be a fun and hardworking addition to the team. I love creating efficiencies and the feeling of accomplishment when something is done really well.

What is one thing you are hoping to learn from the Conversion Pipeline digital marketing team?

There are many things I am looking forward to learning from Conversion Pipeline! I am especially excited to learn about advanced digital marketing techniques and delve deeper into SEO and PPC.

What would a ‘perfect’ day look like for you?

I think a perfect day can take many different forms, but if I had to choose one it would be to wake up without an alarm to a nice cup of coffee. The day would consist of relaxing on a gorgeous beach with friends and family. There would be just enough of a breeze that it would never actually feel hot but the sun would be shining. I would have a good book, a raft to float on in the crystal blue water, boat drinks, and a reggae band playing in the background. Oh and good food, good food is a must.

Welcome to Conversion Pipeline, Marie.

We’re so glad you’re here.