Make Sure Your Menu is Found | Online Marketing for Restaurants

restaurant marketingNowadays, people don’t head to the phonebook for information. They look it up online. And if you have a restaurant and a website, it stands to reason that your menu has pride of place on that site. After all, people come for the food. Not the logo.

But do you ever think about how many other places your menu could be popping up online?

Aggregators/ Restaurant Review Sites

Urban Spoon, Yelp and dozens of others, large and small, collate menus from all over the Internet — even sometimes from businesses with no web presence.

Restaurant Local Guides

Local Guides are a gold mine for restaurants that cater to a lot of out of towners, but even locals come to depend on these guides as well. However, they float around forever and are quickly out of date.


You may not be familiar with social apps like FourSquare. These apps sometimes encourage greater interaction on their app by providing relevant content– like menus. However, unlike the review sites, you can’t even google them to see who is disseminating out of date information.

Online Ordering Sites Like Seamless

This at least is one venue you control, if you subscribe to their service. Seamless requires all the restaurants they represent to have updated menus so that people can order with the click of a button and have their food delivered.

Every restaurant has a constantly revolving menu of signature dishes. A menu that’s even six months old might make for an unhappy customer that doesn’t come back. Do you have a plan for making sure that places like Urban Spoon, local guides and others have updated versions of your menu?

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