Mobile Marketing And Google’s GoMo

More people are using their smartphones to search the internet and download applications that suit their lifestyles. In response to this large influx of consumer smartphones (including Google’s Android platform), Google just recently introduced “GoMo” which is touted as Google’s “mobile-friendly” initiative to make websites more user-friendly. Emails were sent out last week to Google AdWords advertisers that explained the purpose of GoMo and how an advertiser can take advantage of this software to make their website more smartphone user-friendly.

In the email that was sent out, Google stated: “as an AdWords advertiser, it’s important that you give your customers a great mobile experience. After all, more and more of them are connecting with you on their mobile devices. And just because your site is visible on a mobile phone it doesn’t mean that your customers are able to easily do what they came to your site to do”.

 Mobile Marketing Benefit

The real marketing benefit behind Google’s GoMo mobile-friendly initiative is that more mobile-friendly websites mean more mobile-friendly Google advertisers (mobile marketing dollars). Google knows that the mobile smartphone trend is exploding and that they are taking the lead in helping business owners acknowledge and turn their old mobileunfriendly websites into one that smartphone users can easily locate and navigate online.

Google’s reasoning is that mobile websites matter because:
•     Soon, more customers will access the web on mobile devices than desktop computers1.
•     Mobile friendly sites can increase consumer engagement by up to 85%.
•     A mobile-friendly site can help your ads rank better (hint-hint).

Google stands to benefit from advertisers changing their website into a mobile-friendly website because Google is pushing its mobile advertising option within AdWords. Google is also helping website owners because more consumers are using their smartphones for internet searches and most websites currently on the web are NOT mobile-friendly thus causing mobile users to feel frustrated which isn’t good for Google’s Mobile Advertising revenue stream.

To see if your website is mobile friendly. For more information about making your website more mobile friendly, contact the Conversion Pipeline Mobile Marketing Team.